Animation Friday – Zip goes Up!

I made this sleeping bag for Emma yesterday, and for someone who has an irrational fear of inserting zips, I am super pleased at how this project turned out. I even caught myself doing a Homer Simpson (how gen X of me) Zip goes UP, Zip Goes DOWN, Zip goes UP…like I’d never used a zip before haha!

Sewers, you understand what I mean, a bad zip inserting experience can make or break a project, non?

So if you are clever or brave enough to want to make your own toddler sleeping bag, I’ve written detailed instructions on how to do so without a pattern over on MADE OF CLOTH. It assumes some sewing knowledge so I thought my sewing blog was the best place for it.

Time to make your own animation, it’s really easy. Here are some simple instructions on how to make moving pictures…have a go, you’ve got all week. Post it to your blog and link here so we can all see. Remember to link back to this post so your other readers can join in to.