Inspired by colours that PoP!

I’ll be teaching two Needle Felting Workshop at Do Re Me in a couple of weeks, so I created this felted cuff as one of the examples of what I’ll be teaching you to create. As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, it was heavily inspired by the illustrations in the 123 book, but as I added the black borders, the beautiful stained glass ceiling by Leonard French at the NGV came to mind.
Do you see a resemblance?

NGV images via: walking Melbourne
I like how the colours PoP, and it keeps your wrist toasty and warm too. This class will be teaching surface needle felting so you will be able to make whatever design takes your fancy with your new found skills if stained glass isn’t to your taste.
You can also learn how to make a Molecule brooch in another class I am running.

Disclaimer – It’s obvious that I am super vain because I’ve airbrushed my spotty/wrinkly hands, but I had to fess up or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight. hehe! Yellow nails on the other hand are real, Mr Man doesn’t like them, he thinks they make my nails look jaundiced.