Needle felting Workshop – the roundup…

It was lots of fun last night at the secret* needle felting workshop that I taught at Windsor Deli. Running a workshop wasn’t anything I’d considered doing until Kat twisted my arm to share my knowledge with some of the Southside Brown Owls Chapter.
Everyone got their own needle and pads, but only after a needle handling safety talk. I didn’t want any major injuries, an fortunately the novelty Simpsons band-aids only needed to be used on one unlucky finger! *(Secret only because it was not openly advertised)
So the idea was to teach some basic techniques all whilst each making a macaron. The ladies did a brilliant job as you can see by the beautiful finished pieces above. As a little bonus, and because the students were eager for knowledge, we all had a go at making some tiny toadstools. Aren’t they adorable?
I think most of the ladies are hooked. I packed up some wool roving packs for them to get creative at home with their new found skills. Can’t wait to see what they make…

Thanks ladies for an entertaining and relatively injury free night
x Cinti

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