How to: Using Image overlays in picnik

 ***Unfortunately picnik has ceased to exist as of April 19th 2012. RIP picnik, we miss you***
You all know I’m a big fan of, and now I love it even more because I’ve worked out how to use PNG image files, that are designed for use in Photoshop, on picnik. PNG images have transparent areas on them which allows you to overlay multiple images like a collage.

It’s really easy, but you will need to have a Premium account in picnik.

I have created a screen cast for you, with some helpful hints along the way that you can apply to heaps of your photo projects.

I have used the free downloadable photo overlays created by Katrina from Her website is just choc-o-block full of great downloadable files that you can use to jazz up your images as well as great blog design tutorials and craft projects. I just love her washi tape strips, you can my tutorial on how to use them here.

Hope you enjoyed my screencast, leave a comment if you have any questions.
x Cinti