A conversation with The Haby Goddess – How Building Creative Relationships can help your Business

This video is an impromptu conversation with Jodie from The Haby Goddess who has been a long time friend of mine. In this video we talk about how we met, our creative business styles and how the relationship we have formed has helped improve our crafty businesses. We also talk about the importance of creative collaboration and how working together can make great things happen. Essentially, How Building Creative relationships can help your business.

I hope you enjoy the video. It’s a little bit long, and thanks to Emma’s many interruptions we may have repeated ourselves once or twice.

There are lots of take away points that may benefit you in whatever field you are in:
- Get to know people in your industry
- Build relationships based on friendship and trust
- Share your knowledge and talk about your ideas
- Collaborate on projects
- Identify your skills and share workload accordingly
- Motivate and be accountable to keep the project moving along.
- Don’t try to film a vlog post with a 2 yo around!

I would like to thank Jodie for taking part in this vlog post with me, she was a really good sport.
You can check out Jodie’s blog here and her shop here.

The Haby Goddess is a sponsor of the My Poppet blog but in the interest of full disclosure I need to point out that this was NOT a sponsored post. I just thought it would be fun to share.

Do you have a friend like Jodie that you’ve worked together with to ‘get things done’?