New and Improved? Well hopefully soon…

Spring blossoms caption bear with me Well it’s been a crazy week behind the scenes on the blog. About ten days ago I decided it was time for me to bite the bullet and migrate the blog from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress platform. It’s something that I should have done maybe a year ago, but I was really comfortable with my little place in cyberspace and I didn’t want to mess with something that wasn’t broken.

Much to my surprise this year has seen a huge growth in readers, (Yay!) and some ideas for planned projects just aren’t supported by blogger, so it was time to (reluctantly) make a move.

Several bloggers recommended Michelle from Little Hero Hosting for the migration, we chatted on the phone and a few days latter the ball was rolling. I was thinking March, Michelle was thinking Wednesday!

Poor Michelle, the estimated 4 hours took about a week because hundreds of blogger images had mega issues. I really appreciate the work she put in fixing each broken URL manually! She has twins people! I would have thrown in the towel, but this lady has dedication and great customer service. Thank You Michelle.

I didn’t want redesign so there are a few aesthetic and functional things that I want to change as I learn about how WP works behind the scenes. It’s so complicated compared to blogger and my anxiety levels are stupidly high. I can’t believe how attached I am to this silly blog!

So if things look a bit odd sometimes, please bear with me, I’m probably trying to change something.

If you notice a broken link or something that looks really wrong, please leave me a note, there are 5 years of posts to check through.

So the new URL in case you need to change your blog rolls or something is

Rss feeds have already been updated and I’ll be tinkering with the other social media feeds when I get a moment.

The old blogger address will be automatically redirected, but unfortunately links to individual posts will only redirect to the home page.

I’ll have the Tutorials page up very soon.

Thank you for your patience, I have some awesome stuff happening soon that will be worth the wait!

x Cinti