My Mexican Fiesta Christmas

Freedom City outdoor setting
You’ve probably noticed that Christmas is just around the corner, it has snuck up again on me this year. It’s my birthday month so I don’t really get into the Christmas spirit until I blow out the candles on my birthday cake. When Freedom gifted me a voucher to help me get ready for Christmas, my mind went straight to our outdoor area. We’ve been desperately in need of an outdoor setting to help extend our entertaining space. I love alfresco dining, and creating an outdoor room for all the festivities in December makes this season feel extra special.

Freedom outdoor setting
I chose the City 3 Piece setting ($599) because it was super compact for our limited space, but was flexible enough to fit 6 people. The benches tuck away neatly under the table when not in use, and the brushed aluminum surfaces are easy to maintain even when exposed to the weather. It’s simple lines mean I can dress it up or down for any occasion.
Cocktails Outdoor decorations table
I’ve never really been into the traditional Christmas look, so this year my inspiration is Retro Mexican Fiesta. Lots of colourful paper lanterns and decorations combined with some flea market finds, transform our courtyard into party central. This look will work for my birthday drinks, Christmas day then right through to NYE.
table and bench setting
paper lanterns bells mexican party
As you can see the ‘After’ is a massive improvement from the ‘Before’. I’m so looking forward to having friends pop in this summer.
Transform your courtyard
Are you utilizing your outdoor space to entertain this Festive season?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but I was provided with a Freedom Gift Voucher to which I contributed extra myself to purchase the outdoor setting.


  • Clau! says:

    Hi! I just discover your blog…. It’s amazing!


  • Tam says:

    I LOVE this! I am planning a Mexican Fiesta NYE party :) We have big ideas of repaving our covered verandah and putting up some privacy screens before then – eek!

    Can I ask where you got that fabulous bunting? I was going to make my own but I fear I will run out of time.

  • Cassandra says:

    Gorgeous!! Love the After, so fun and colourful. Can I ask how long/wide the table is? We are on the market for a bench setting like that but so often they don’t provide that sort of information on their site :( Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • pam says:

    As i was popping your blog into my reader this post appeared! For those who live in the Southern Hemisphere – there is little choice for celebrating the “winter holidays” but to celebrate with a lovely meal outside on the patio!!! Very common in South American countries to celebrate in this way! So it could be said you are going international!!!

    I love your festive fiesta. I really do! Beautiful!

    • Miss Cinti @ My Poppet says:

      Yes here in Australia all the snow flake decorations feel a little out of place. My family is South American so warm Christmases outdoors are normal for us.

  • Natalie says:

    I know this comment is a few weeks late now (I just discovered your blog), but I’m so glad to have found someone else who embraced colour at Christmas time! Everyone else I knew or read about seemed to be going for the completely opposite decorating scheme. Great blog by the way!

    • Miss Cinti @ My Poppet says:

      Thanks Natalie, there is not enough colour in the world :)
      Love your blog to, have been reading through your archives. Love your pool!

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