Light Up your Christmas with Koh Living (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

When I was a little girl my mother’s friend had a very special Christmas decoration that had me mesmerised for hours. It was a beautiful little carousel candle that spun around when the candle was lit. I still remember it fondly, and was delighted to discover them again at Koh Living.

Take a look at how delightful they are – so magical!

Now thanks to Koh Living you have the opportunity to win a beautiful set of 4 x Christmas carousels and a Scandinavian Minikin Lanterns Set to help you light up your Christmas.

soft green porcelain lanterns

This set of 3 elegant Scandi Minikin lanterns are made of delicate soft green porcelain which allow the a tea light candle or LED light to shine through and cast a warm glow.

Koh Living soft green porcelain lanterns

Candles are a beautiful way to set the mood and capture the spirit of Christmas and make lovely gifts too.

Visit the Koh Living online store to shop their full range.


Win Christmas Prize pack from Koh Living

How to win: Just visit and tell me in a comment below which one of their products you’d like to give to a special friend and why. I’ll pick my favourite entry who will receive the following prize pack.

4 x Christmas Carousels valued at $24.95 RRP each
3 x Christmas Minikins valued at $34.95 RRP each
TOTAL Value $205 RRP

Good Luck!

koh living carousel giveaway

Terms & Conditions
The winners will be the entry deemed most creative by the judges. Prize is valued at $205 and consists of 3x Minikin Lanterns & 4x Christmas Carousels of varying designs (may differ slightly to those pictured). Entries open until 5pm 11th December, 2017. Winner will be announced in the comments below and contacted via entering email address. To claim the prize, the winner must reply to the winner’s notification and accept the prize within 72 hours of receiving the winner’s notification or risk forfeiting prize.  Prize not transferable for cash. Limited to one entry per person.
Giveaway is open to Australian residents only.



  • Kate says:

    How beautiful! I just love the waratah 11cm candle holder. It would be lovely to give as a gift to my friend who has moved from the country to the city. It would remind her of the area that she has left.

    • Christine Williams says:

      I would love to give my best friend one of the carousel candles. My childhood Christmases were made magical by weinachts pyramids and softly ringing Swedish spinning angels. Both of these amazingly decorations not have survived the test of time and are brought out every year in my parent’s home. All they needed was the hot air for candles. I you could get tealight spinning decorations and want to add them to my decorations and my best friend’s. We both adore Christmas and candles so they would be perfect for us.

  • Becci says:

    I would love to gift either the Minikin Santa or Forest Encounter to my mum, she would just love them.

  • Melissa says:

    The minikin “Christmas Gliding” Lantern is stunning! I would gift it to my mum simply because she is a beautiful lady, and she loves Christmas!

  • Amber says:

    The reindeer carousel is divine, and lights up the night
    I’d love to see one in my home, oh what a pretty sight!

    (The snowflake carousel is beautiful too! Cutest things for Christmas ever)

  • Terri says:

    These are soooo gorgeous. I used to have a little gold reindeer one that I loved so much. I would love to win one for my daughter as she has never see one and would be so delighted.

  • Cindy says:

    What a beautiful store! I would love to give the Minikin Dandelion Sway Colour to a good friend of mine who has supported me through some tough times this year. She has been there for me to cry, laugh and just sit in silence.

  • Marion Oates says:

    I would love these to give to my daughter who loves fine and delicately designed things and would adore the little manikin lanterns. I am aged and not able to shop personally any more and this would be such a delightful surprise to give her,

  • Oshanna says:

    I love the Carousel Angel, a beautiful reminder we are not alone and I would gift this to a friend of mine who is a full time carer for her disabled adult daughter, we all need the balm of beauty in our life to lift us from everyday worries.

  • Alison Gorman says:

    Koh … just totally gorgeous. The Owl Carousel is perfect for an owl devotee (read fanatic) friend who is having a really tough time at the moment. Owls to ‘brighten’ her day.

  • Rachael says:

    I’d pick the snowflake carousel to give to my dear friend Jen. she could use a little magic in her life.

    After saving all year for a family holiday she got stuck in Noosa with $100 to feed a family of 5 for a week, and then found out a possum had died in her chimney at home while she was away (had to pay to get a possum person in), to then find maggots on her floor when she got home (and pay more for the possum guy to come back), and then her air con to break during our heat wave.

    She deserves some magic this Christmas

  • Karina says:

    I would get my bestie a Carousel Cat on Moon because with her kids at school, she has nothing to do during the day except stare into a carousel.

  • Steph says:

    The ‘CAROUSEL REINDEER’ would gallop a little magic into my mum’s home and bring so much joy and wonder to all the grandkids! I had one as a kid and it blew my mind – great way to teach the kids some science!

  • Merryl Chantrell says:

    I always find making this type of comment somewhat difficult because I don’t want sympathy.
    I had a good look at Koh Living and honestly I was engrossed and enthralled.
    So many beautiful and well priced products I doubt I could stop at just one.
    I have had a lousy year health wise being hospitalised with my Immune Disorder which we had to fund ourselves due to our Hospital Fund being difficult and that hits hard as I am 60+.
    We have had an expensive year having to replace our Washer, my Laptop and 2 Mobile Phones as well as my Hospitalisation that I could sure use a pick me up.
    Being a proud Aboriginal Elder all the Dream Time art touched me deeply.
    I have also been an avid Owl Collector for the last 40+ years.
    My Husband’s birthday is Christmas Day and mine is 3 days later so maybe, just maybe Magic can happen before this year ends.

  • I’d give my best buddy, Claire, the Kangaroo Paw candle holder. Her advice for a messy house is to turn off the overhead lights and use candles instead – everything looks better in a soft and flickering light. With a newborn and a three year old, I hope she is taking her own advice!

  • Jo says:

    A set of the Christmas Carousels would be my gift to my Mum. She has just sold our family home and moved to a retirement village – exciting yet bittersweet and filled with a range of mixed emotions. Her first big journey without my late Dad. I’d love to present her with these Carousels to decorate her new home as she enters this brand new life stage.

  • blake haugen says:

    I would gift my mum Chasing Butterflies.
    Since having breast cancer, butterflies land on her, fly around her head , she sees them daily and they offer inspiration and hope. This would make her smile 😀

  • Bee Bowdlert says:

    There are so many things I love at Koh Living, my favourite is the Carousel Cat on Moon, it’s beautiful.

  • Renee Ballantyne says:

    Kangaroos on the move candle as she is part Aboriginal and would love the artwork


    The amazing art teacher (Chani) at the school where I teach would love any of the Indigenous art pieces (possibly the Aboriginal giftbox) to inspire her students when looking at Aboriginal art.

  • Christine Butler says:

    I love the emu candle holders and I’d send one to my friend who loves in Singapore and who misses Australia.

  • Fran D says:

    My Sister in Law just put up her first Christmas tree, It is looking a little sparce, so I would love to give her the Carousel Angel to lighten up her Christmas and watch over her.

  • Annette says:

    I would love to gift my best friend Lynnie with the carousel angel. She has Chloe, an angel granddaughter in heaven and four other young grandchildren who didn’t get to meet Chloe. The candle would create precious memories for all the family.

  • Damian says:

    I’d really appreciate the Kangaroos on the move sunset canister to gift to my mum. I’ve just relocated from a remote outback community to the other side of Australia. I’d really like to share a bit of warm and interesting indigenous culture that I got to experience with her. Aboriginal artwork is so unique and meaningful. Just like my mum.

  • I would love to gift the Carousel Snowflake to my Mum. Not only is she the most beautiful, one of a kind woman I know, just like a snowflake, but my Mum is from Poland, so many of her precious childhood memories are of white Christmas’, and I’d love to give her a little piece of that again.

  • Lauren Betterman says:

    CAROUSEL HORSE for my daughter. Growing up Id always thought these were the most beautiful things ever. I never owned one because we couldnt afford much back in the day. Im a mum to 4boys and recently had a little girl finally! I would definitely love to gift this to her 😍😍

  • David Braybrooke says:

    The snowflake carousel,
    So whimsical and bright,
    With glowing tea light lit,
    Its patterns cheer the night!

  • Julie Vulin says:

    30cm Nuremberg lamp for my good friend Robina as I know she’d love it and it’s gorgeous.

  • rachel sinclair says:

    The snowflake carousel is stunning! I would love to gift one to my mum!!!!

  • Beck says:

    The koh nickel teardrop , it is elegant and gorgeous just like my best mate. Love at first sight

  • mairead dunbar says:

    The Australian Wildflowers Gift Set…for my 86 year old neighbor Noreen who loves her little patch of green and her flowers in the front of her apartment block and is up every morning with the birds to tend it and say ‘morning darl’ to all passing by….

  • Laura Power says:

    KOH PORCELAIN CANISTER – BANKSIA a lovely Australian gift for my Mother in law who lives in the uk, always hard finding lovely gift for international friends and family, these canisters are gorgeous, the perfect gift.

  • Michelle says:

    I’d gift to my daughter the Minikin Forest Encounter, it’s second to none and beautifully crafted. I love the effect and so would my daughter Grace, an animal and nature lover who would not only appreciate the artwork, it’s a real statement piece that’s functional and can be used and admired all year round.

  • Heidi O'Day says:

    EMUS OF FINNISS SPRINGS candle holder. My amazingly giving mother would treasure this stunningly colored piece of Indigenous Australian art, it’s beyond beautiful. She respects and loves Australia’s first people and does so much for our community without a thought for herself. Koh Living’s perfect gift for an outstanding Aussie woman.

  • Erica Smithers says:

    I would love to gift the carousel Candle to my daughter. Have not seen these before and can see why they would be mesmerizing. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Megan M says:

    I would love to give the Contemporary gift box to my gorgeous boy’s kinder teacher.
    My son has autism, Anxiety as well as ADHD, not an easy task for a teacher with a whole class of children! She has been nothing but positive about him, always so supportive and believing in him being able to achieve his dreams even though he has some difficult behaviour. She has become more then just a teacher but a friend as well.

    I would love to show her how much she is appreciated by giving her these beautiful candles, so that everytime she lights them she can remember my boy and the light she has given to our a family in his preschool year. I honestly thought we wouldn’t make it!

  • Kristy F says:

    Oh my poppet such a hard choice!! I’m going Kho Kho over this site. My mum transforms her formal living room into a Christmas haven so I’d chose something like the Santa Minikin to add to her room.

  • Spencer Taylor says:

    After a year of moving from house to house with horrible outcomes. I finally had a friend/foster Mum (as she likes being called) take me and helped build me up to get to where I am today. I had a lot of trouble with my own family and she was there to help me. She’s just recently married and I was unable to make it to her wedding. She’s married a lovely aboriginal gentleman and is very proud of his heritage. So I think the MEDIUM 11CM NR621 – FAMILIES GATHERING BUSH TUCKER would look lovely in their home and it would be a much loved gift. She deserves everything lovely in life and I wish to be able to give her that.

  • Kathleen says:

    My beautiful friend came as a ray of light,
    She made my life cheerful and bright,
    I would give this as a gift from me
    So that my face was full of glee.

  • Nastassia De Vries says:

    The carousel cat on moon. I would give it to my mum because she’s a crazy cat lady and she loves lighting up her house with candles and little lights!

  • Veronica D says:

    The Carousel Snowflake I would gift, a special Christmas Gift, to my daughter for her new home. The Snowflake, I am sure, would be on display, each and every day through the year, to enjoy the glow of the candle burning within.

  • Lindsay Abbott says:

    The scandi minikin pine collection is gorgeous and I would love to gift it to my mother in law ❤️

  • Sarah Jennings says:

    I’d gift the Minikin™ Lantern Leaves,
    Serene beauty and relaxation it retrieves,
    Perfect for my sister in-law,
    About to have her first baby I’m in awe.

  • Sarah J says:

    I’d gift the Minikin™ Lantern Leaves,
    Serene beauty and relaxation it retrieves,
    Perfect for my sister in-law,
    About to have her first baby I’m in awe.

  • KOH PORCELAIN VOTIVE CUP – FLOWERING GUM ….perfect gift for work Kris Kringle gift, for under $20.

  • adrienne harries says:

    Kangaroos on the Move at Sunset Canister – Kakadu Plum Candle will have pride of place
    I have the perfect space
    Happiness come from beautiful candlelight
    Making my home a calming sight

  • sam says:

    What a beautiful store! I would love to give the Minikin Dandelion Sway Colour to a good friend of mine

  • Kate Slack says:

    My friend would love the Kangaroo Paw medium candle holder it has all her favourite colours and she loves wildflowers.

  • Bethany Allen says:

    My parent’s house is filled with the art of our ancestors
    Painted by friends and elders with care
    But when my sister moved away, she couldn’t take a thing
    I’d buy her the Families Gathering Bush Tucker Votive, so again in our culture, she can share

  • Bobby-Lee McQuire says:

    Oh my so devine. This is a hard choice as every single one of these are beautiful in their own unique way. I would have to choose the ROTATE CUP BUTTERFLY just because butterflies always remind of someone close and special to my heart 🙂

  • Fi says:

    The Minikin Forest Encounter….. its so beautiful and magical! all things christmas!

  • Teena Lewis says:

    I love the Aboriginal Gift Box, so cute and such beautiful colours 🙂

  • Cassie Bentley says:

    What beautiful treasures! I eould love to give my partners mother the Scandi minikin christmas field lantern. Earlier this year we had a car accident, as soon as she found out she was on the next flight from interstate. She dropped everything to come and be with us. I’ll be dpending Christmas with her and would love to see her smile when she sees this gorgeous lantern, Christmas is her favourite time of year. xx

  • Jessica Ashbrooke says:

    My m7m would love the scandi minikin lanterns they’d suit her taste so well

  • teresa hogg says:

    id share this with my sick mum

  • Tracy Mackay says:

    So many beautiful things, but my favourite is the medium Desert Pea candle holder. I just love the bright colours and design and would gift this to my mum as she loves flowers as much as I do, especially Australian wildflowers.

  • Dana Jensen says:

    I would love to give my bestie Medium 11cm NR617 – Christmas Bells. It is so beautiful and it would look gorgeous in her home.

  • ben travia says:

    The Bush Tucker Lamp. It captures the beauty of Aboriginal art; simple yet abundantly beautiful, subtle but glowing bright. It’s iconic yet personable.

  • Jocy says:

    I’d give the Carousel Reindeer to my daughter so that after she leaves home she will have something special to remind her of me at Christmas.

  • John Mclean says:

    i like the candles for this season of xmas

  • Michelle says:

    The Scandi Minikin lanterns are so beautiful.

  • Jennifer B. says:

    Her apartment’s her first, her crockery is secondhand.
    I’d give my DAUGHTER four ‘Desert Waterholes’ mugs so tea and coffee times are more grand!

  • Lesley Olariu says:

    My daughter would appreciate the medium “Perch ” candle holder, so sweet and petite, airy and graceful …to make her home just that little more peaceful!

  • Maria says:

    My daughter would love the Reindeer Carousel. She lights up my life xx

  • Irena says:

    I would love to win the Christmas Carousel for my daughter, because she thinks it’s very cute and pretty and it will make her happy!

  • If I had the money I’d buy the astonishingly beautiful Bush Tucker lamp for my mum, who looks after my baby every day while I work. She is the light of my life, without her I couldn’t make ends meet!

  • Lauren Anastasiou says:

    My friend Michelle often talks of her trip of a lifetime, of sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, sipping freshly-brewed coffee as she gazed up at the Eiffel Tower. She may never get back there in person, but the Moonlit Paris candle holder will help her remember times gone by.

  • Penny Doran says:

    I would love to purchase the Dandelion sway candle holder for my best friend, my mum. We have a tradition from when I was a kid, to pick a dandelion, make a wish and blow the seeds into the air. It makes me smile remembering this time spent with Mum and the endless possibilities available to you when you dare to dream

  • Bella Ri says:

    Words can’t express how much she has done for my family and I in the last year. At our darkest times, she’s been a lending hand and I’d love to provide her with a beautiful gift set We’ve been friends for the past 10 years and she is definitely MY poppet. I absolutely love the Reindeer Carousel, it brings back so many nostalgic memories and I’m sure my best friend would love it too.

  • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

    Giveaway now closed

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