Why is having resilience so important for women and girls? How do we build it, develop it, keep it and teach it to our next generation?
Resilient Women Think Differently


AICI MELBOURNE is brought together an exciting line up of speakers who have been trailblazers for all Australian women. They have experienced first hand what it takes to be resilient. They are successful in their field of expertise, they lead and mentor younger women and girls. They know what it is like to experience the highs and lows of running a business while having a personal life. They are generous in giving of their time so others can listen, learn and be entertained!

As a mother of a young daughter who struggles with work life balance, I could certainly use all the insight I can get.

I’ll be attending this amazing event to hear the wisdom and learn from Melbourne’s finest in their field of fashion and philanthropy.
Jenny Bannister – One of Australia’s most iconic fashion designers
Lisa Barron – Founder and Designer of Lisa Barron Fashion
Margaret Porritt – Founder & Designer of Feathers Boutiques
Dr Sue English – Family GP and Humanitarian
Phoebe Montague – Editor – Lady Melbourne

If you’d like to come along too, tickets can be purchased online

Saturday, 18 April 2015 from 1-4pm

Honey Bar and Restaurant
345 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne Vic 3205

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