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Back to school - shopping for school supplies at officeworks

Add ‘Learning for Life’ to your Back to School List

“I’ll take the biggest size” Mum had delegated the task of buying my high school uniform to Dad, and being a very practical man, he decided that buying school uniforms every year was for suckers; and anyway I’d grow into it, eventually! You can just imagine me on that first day, a lanky awkward teen just swimming in a size…

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Educational games and learning support recources

Educational games your kids will love

The classroom can be a very overwhelming environment for many kids, Emma is in grade one now and she is still finding her feet. With lots of new things to learn, social skills to develop and many distractions in a noisy classroom, it’s understandable that many children struggle to really consolidate what is being taught in class just during school…

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back to school - sports shoes

Back to School – Get off on the right foot with Clarks

‘Brought to you by Clarks’ My kid is funny, when she’s at school she wants to be on holidays, but after just a few weeks of Summer holidays, she can’t wait to get back to school again! Emma had a great Prep year and is so keen to be a big grade 1 girl. As a parent I sent her…

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