How To: Make an Animated gif Image

Ok, so I promised ages ago to share an easy way to make animated gif files…sorry it’s taken me so long.
You don’t need to use any special software, just some free web based tools…
Here are the 6 easy steps:
1. Choose your images, it looks better if there is some sort of sequence. You can edit them to add words, borders or other cute images using PicMonkey
2. make sure they are not too big, re-size them to 450px or less
3. Click onto Picasion Gif creator and upload the photos in the order that you want them displayed. Choose the size and speed of your animation.
4. Click create animation, wait a few seconds for the file to generate. Now you have the source code for the file.
5. Copy and paste the direct link code into the web address/URL of your image uploader.
6. That’s it, DONE!

I’m sure there are a million different ways to do these, I’ll love to hear of any easier ways…

I’ll show you how to make little animated click through to a website buttons in another post.



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