How To: Needle Felted Fruit – Strawberry

How to needle felt a strawberry

Last week I showed you how to make a Needle Felted Kiwi fruit for fun pretend food play. This week you can add to your felt fruit collection with this cute little strawberry. It’s very easy to make and a good place to start if you are new to needle felting.

If you aren’t familiar with the technique of needle felting check out this post – Needle Felting Basics

You will need:

Wool Roving – red & green (also called wool fiber)
Felting needles
Foam Pad

How to needle felt a strawberry

 How to:

– To make the basic shape, take a small ball of red roving and start needling to form a small conical shape. Add layers of roving and keep needling until you are happy with your shape.

make a felt strawberry fruit steps

– To make the leafy stalk, take a small amount of green roving and needle it in the center to hold its form. Pull out and twist the loose fiber on the edges into 5 points. Finish by needling each point into a leaf shape.
make a felt strawberry fruit steps
– To join the 2 parts, start by deep needling the leaves in the center to the base, then work the needle around the edges of the leaves.
– Finally to tidy up any stray fibers, give the strawberry a ‘surface needle’ (rub the needle across the surface).
– You’re done!

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hands holding felt fruit kiwi strawberry


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