Brilliant Road Trip

Giant clogsSomething amazing happened to me this week, a brilliant opportunity just came out of the ether, and I’m super excited about it. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me emotionally; I’ve been feeling exhausted, pulled in every direction, trying to keep everyone’s life running smoothly…you know, being a mum! You’ve all been there, it takes it’s toll and you just want some time to escape and recharge the batteries.

Well Hyundai must have heard my whiny internal dialogue and came to my rescue with an awesome weekend away. (I entered a competition actually). I’m hitting the road with my sister (she’s the short one in the clog), leaving both our girls with mum (poor mum) and reliving the glamour of road trips of old.

Vintage photo car

Inspired by old family photos of epic road trips, days in the country and picnics with the family, where the car was part of the story and the adventure. When a photo of your trip included your trusty vehicle, because your car was your ticket to freedom.
2cv andes

We’ll be traveling in more comfort than when mum and dad crossed The Andes in their 2CV, the i40 Tourer that we are loaning has all the bells and whistles. It’s going to be fun.

BUT this is not just an average weekend away, I’m one of only ten finalists Australia wide in the Hyundai Drive Brilliantly Competition, and will be sharing my experiences with the chance to win a CAR!
We’ll be hitting some amazing vintage shopping spots in country Victoria, and there are a few other surprises planned on the way too. I hope you follow along on my adventures via the My Poppet facebook page, on Pinterest and via Instagram and Twitter (both @mypoppetshop). I’d love you to leave lots of comments and likes to give me the best chance possible. The official hashtag will be #BrilliantRoadTrip
old corolla blue mountians
Do you have any old photos where the car took pride of place?


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