5 Resources to Help you Create and Sell PDF Patterns

5 online resources to help you create and sell pdf patterns

Most of us love to make things, you may even have a small business selling things you make, but the reality is there just isn’t enough time in the day to sit behind the sewing machine and ‘make to sell’ for a living. I know many of you would like to diversify into selling PDF patterns, it’s a smart thing to do because after you’ve created your pattern you can sell it forever, while you’re asleep even!
So what’s stopping you?

Responses on facebook were all the same “I wouldn’t know where to start!”
Initially I too thought I didn’t have the skills or time to research how to create a PDF pattern, but once I got stuck in it wasn’t as daunting as I’d imagined.

I’ve collated some information that I found helpful as well as a couple of eBooks that contain a ton of useful information.
Assuming you have some great product and design ideas, here are 5 online resources that can teach you the skills to get that pattern on the market:

While She Naps. Abby’s blog is a must read for me as she shares so much information about running a craft based business, as well as discussing interesting topics that affect craft based publishing community. I could recommend all her blog posts but I’ll narrow it down to two.

  1. 5 Simple Tips for Writing Sewing Patterns Your Customers Will Love
    Abby outlines essential writing techniques that will make your patterns clear, accurate and complete. It’s the kind of thing that most of us take for granted but can make a huge difference to the finished project’s success, (or lack thereof).
  2. The Insider’s Guide to Starting an Online Sewing Pattern Business
    An eBook chock full of Abby’s great advice and experience as a digital pattern publisher. Covering topics from Choosing a project that will be popular as a pattern, Photographing your project so that it sells and Using low-tech options for page layout and templates without having to learn graphics programs, as well as everything in between. It’s a good place to start if you want a really solid grounding on starting an online sewing pattern business.
  3. Converting your patterns into a digital PDF
    Digitizing patterns is always a big stumbling block if you have limited computer graphic skills. This post on Burda Style is excellent and well explained if you have access to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. I’ve got a few patterns in my head that I’ll be using this method for this year.
  4. Making ePatterns “eFormat” Your Pattern
    But I don’t have or can’t use Illustrator or Photoshop you say? Well here is another tutorial that shows you how to digitize your pattern using a free online photo editor and Powerpoint.
  5. Selling PDFs the Easy Way – An instructional guide to selling PDF patterns, ebooks and more
    This is my eBook. It was created after I spent soooo many hours researching the best ways to sell my own digital PDF products. I’ve shared very practical and specific information that can get you started creating and selling your products without delay. I specifically focused on critiquing and comparing digital delivery platforms as this was one of the most confusing aspects for me when I started. The information can be used to sell any type of PDF file like Printables and eBooks, not just patterns.
    Currently ON SALE as it’s due for an update

I hope you found this roundup helpful, if you’ve found any other useful blog posts or resources please feel free to share a link in the comments so other readers can benefit.

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