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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a collector. I like to collect vintagey things, textiley things and crafty things. Combine all of the above and you can understand why I have a huge collection vintage fabrics and trims that I love to sew and craft with. I also have a bit of a penchant for midcentury furniture pieces and west german pottery, they just look so good together!

Now any collector worth his or her salt is no stranger to eBay, it’s the one place you are guaranteed to find that perfect item that you’ve been missing. And now there is a new way to discover amazing treasures online, eBay Collections. eBay Collections lets you gather up all the stuff you like on eBay and organise them into themes. It’s like a big mood and inspiration board, only it’s instantly shoppable.

ebay collections My Poppet
I really love this idea. I quite like to ‘window shop’ on ebay and now I have a way to visually gather up all my finds in one place, especially handy for all those items you don’t need right now but want to bookmark for later. But you don’t have to keep your collections to yourself (of course you can if you want to), if you set your profile to public you can share your collections with everyone.

You can see my collections here, they reflect the things that make me happy. My Pom Pom collection is especially cheerful. You can never have too many pom poms!

ebay collections1

How to create a Collection

It’s easy to create your own collection that reflects your passions.

  1. Find an item that you love
  2. Click ‘add to collection’
  3. Give your collection a name.
  4. Add as many items as you like.

If you want to keep your collections to yourself. there is an option to change your settings to private.

You can also follow the Collections of others, it’s a great way to discover new items and sellers that you may have missed. You can search and browse by category or keywords across collections. If you want to be inspired go to the eBay homepage and check out Featured Collections tab, which includes the very best Collections created by the eBay curation team, bloggers, buyers and sellers.

Check out the eBay collections page to find out more.
Follow your Passions. Follow eBay Collections.

You can get paid to build Collections. Sign up here


  • Sarah Helene says:

    THANKS A BUNCH for SHARING this timely info. In the next few days I’ll check it out. You must have money & time to make so many purchases to add continually to your collections. BRAVO! I follow your blog & about 33 others– FUN! Sarah in Minneapolis

    • Yes, I admit that sometimes collecting can get expensive but I can usually find vintage fabric that costs less than me buying new, so I don’t feel it’s too extravagant. Most collectors love the trill of the chase, when you find that perfect item in your budget it’s exciting.
      You don’t need to purchase the items in your eBay collections, so it’s sort of like virtual collecting.
      Thanks for following my blog, I’m glad you enjoy reading 🙂
      x cinti

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