Blythe Stylin’ – Perty gets a matching dress

Ok, it’s official, I’ve turned it’s one of those crazy Blythe doll people. Not a bad thing considering Blythe dolls are ace and every Blythe mummy I’ve met is super cool and fun to hang with. Yay, go us.
So I thought it would be cute for Perty and I to have matching outfits…do you agree or have I gone totally lala? Perty seems to like it, and I’m betting Emma will want her own matching dress when she gets home too.


  • daisy says:

    you are insane and i think it's the coolest thing i've seen all month. i think the two of you should go for a tram ride together, maybe down to the beach for a sandwhich and game of chess.

  • Max says:

    ha, I love it (althought I'm not the sanest person around!). The dresses are just lovely and I have to go now or I may be tempted to cut myself a fringe! x

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