Flea Market Finds ♥ Camberwell market ♥

‘Twas a beautifully sunny today, perfect for a bit of flea market fun. Camberwell market was our destination of choice, along with the rest of Melbourne it seemed.

Ran into my pals Nat and Estelle who had stalls selling some pretty nice vintage wares, Emma just wanted doughnuts and Mr Man was in charge of toddler wrangling.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, although I couldn’t resist these Dutch clogs at $5 a pair. They will be added to my accidental clog collection

And probably my most favourite find for a long long time is this mosaic plate. It was just $5 too. I think I may start a plate wall soon, although a single plate may look a bit lonely.

The lady that sold it to me told me that she had quite a few at home and they were really well made. She knew this because when she smashed them up to get the tiles out, it was almost impossible to pry them out!

I was speechless. So I’ve rescued this vintage find from a possible tragic end, my good deed for the day is done.

I’m joining in with Her Library Adventures today…lots more flea market finds over there…


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