I ♥ U this much…Japan

Even though I don’t consider myself an Artist, or even a designer, when the call came out for donated artworks for this exhibition and charity auction, I was compelled to create something meaningful and hopefully beautiful?
I don’t even need to mention how awful the situation in Japan is, it’s all been said…and of course monetary donations are desperately required, but there is something visceral about creating an object with your own hands.
Title: I ♥ U this much
Mini quilt with original photograph and embroidery.

This is Emma’s doll which was once her Aunts/Uncles and Grandmothers before her, she sleeps with it every night, kisses it incessantly and calls it her little baby. Every handstitch contains a little bit of optimism.
I hope it makes someone happy and raises a few extra dollars for the Red Cross.



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