It’s officially time to get festive…

It’s been 12 years since I’ve had a Christmas tree. Yes I’m the original Christmas grinch. I’m a December baby so I’ve always found it a little irritating that my birthday celebrations get lost amongst all the hoopla. I find it hard to put up any decorations till after my birthday. Before Emma was born Christmas used to come an go with just the faintest acknowledgement decor wise. Maybe some branches with an odd bauble or two, sometimes lights. But it seems Emma is now old enough to start to ‘get it’ so I thought it was time to get crazy and go super festive.

I was originally just going to make some pom poms and do the branch thing again this year, but I was stopped in my tracks by this sparkly tree. Then I found these cute flocked baubles and I was sold!
I used my Pom Pom Wreath as a tree skirt, looks great doesn’t it?

No tree topper? No worries. I’ve got a festive pineapple, picked it up in Tokyo.
Oh and did I mention it’s my birthday today? Emma will be super excited when she finds out. The one thing she likes more than Christmas trees is a nice big Birthday cake.

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