Marimekko e-Mook

I almost forgot to tell you about one of my last book purchases in Tokyo. It’s a Marimekko e-Mook. An e-Mook is all the rage in Japan apparently, a cross between a magazine and a book, with the kicker being a premium gift all for around $15. There were a heap of fashion labels doing them with some worthwhile gifts, but I liked the cheerful bag included in this one. We accidentally stumbled on the Marimekko store in OMOTESANDO, it was all gorgeous but a little expensive for my budget, so a $15 bag was a special treat!

The book is essentially a product cataloug with some lovely interiors and a free dress pattern. Here I am having some fun modeling my bag. It’s super fun, perfect for this spring and summer.

Have you ever bought a product just because of the ‘Gift with Purchase’?


  • ooh wow! that is awesome! I would totally buy that mag, just for that cute tote too! good score! x

  • microbio says:

    Oh, i just love marimekko, have a couple of fabric cuts turned into curtains, 1 pillow, 1 “patchwork” board and some fabric cuts awaiting for their turn 🙂 If some of you ever goes to helsinki search for the marimekko outlet store there with much nicer price tags 🙂

  • great bag – hilarious animation (friday)! Thanks for the laugh! (Oh, and I just bought some clinique lippie and blush for the free gift!)

  • ejorpin says:

    I adore marimieko! The past two years we've managed to fly to Europe via Helsinki – a two hour stop over is just enough time to drool in the duty free shops there (they have one for marimekko, one for iittala), plus all the decor and table wear in the lounge is marimekko/iittala – it is a little slice of heaven!

    Also, thanks for giving me a name for these things – they are all over Asia. An e-mook, who knew!

  • ejorpin says:

    One last thing! Can you teach me how to do those clever gif-fy/animation thingos! They look like such fun!

  • I love your jeans! I'm after some red ones! Where are yours from? *s*

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