Postcards from Buenos Aires: Sopa del Principe

Stumbled across the cutest shop ever in Buenos Aires. Called Sopa del Principe (translates to ‘Prince’s Soup’), it’s a softies workshop full of whimsical handmade animals, dolls and monsters waiting patiently in fruit crates for new owners. You have to check out their website, it’s super cute.
As you can imagine, Emma loved it, especially the corner with giant soft pebbles and blades of grass. The shop fit was so quirky and colourful, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.The store and designer Verónica Longoni, are quite well known and have even exhibited some of the creations at MOMA in New York.

FYI the prices are in Argentinian Pesos, divide by about 4 for US/AUS dollars.


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