Signing off for the Holidays…

girl jumping wearing pink

Just wanted to say thanks for supporting My Poppet this year, it’s been a big one! The blog has had a tremendous growth in readership and I’m very proud off all the hard work I’ve put in. It’s been fun but challenging and now I need a little break to recharge my batteries, so I’ll be taking a blog hiatus for 6-8 weeks.

No big dramas behind the scenes, just some construction work in our house and the ensuing chaos it entails. In fact I haven’t had a kitchen since September, so just the daily routine stuff like feeding the kid and washing the dishes (in the bath tub) has has taken it out of me. Keeping creative has been a challenge as there is noise and dust most of the time and often no power or lights, so sorry if my post quality has slipped of late. I’m looking forward to some time to get my home in order and I’m hoping my energy levels will bounce back once my environment is a little less crazy.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas break and a good start to 2014

x Cinti





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