Unleash Creative: Craft Workshops & Ticket Giveaway

create paper letters photo credit: unleash creative
I have earmarked 2014 as the year of doing, experimenting, making and creating more. I want to get out from behind my keyboard and connect with like minded creatives, exchange ideas, and if I’m lucky, work on projects together. This year I’ve all ready started Japanese and Ballet classes, because it’s never too late to learn something new, and I’ll be going to more ‘in real life’ crafty and social events to just chat to people and exchange ideas, inspiration and hopefully make new friends too.

So when my long time crafty pal Magdalena Franco told me about Unleash Creative, a series of fantabulous creative workshops she has organised in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, I was very excited to be able to take part and explore the possibilities. (Well first I told her she was insane because it’s a huge amount of work to organise events in three different states, but she loves to organising events so that’s ok).

About Unleash Creative:
Each event will be held over the course of a full day with a variety of intimate-style hands-on mini-workshops to get us thinking, making, creating and set off on a colourful adventure filled with paper, pom poms, string, and glue.

The Melbourne event features well known creative heavyweights (I mean that metaphorically of course), Gemma Patford, Kitiya Palaskas, Emma van Leest and Allira of Freckles and Ginger
. Read more about the mentors here. Mentors for Sydney and Brisbane to be announced shortly.
Each mentor will give you a taste of some of their skills, fill your heads with what inspires them and send you off at the end of the day with your very own completed projects.

It’s going to be really fun. I love crafting ‘outside the box’ and these workshops are perfect for novice crafters, or even those like me that have been making for a while, to get inspired, have fun and explore creative processes in a very relaxed and social atmosphere. I’ve also heard the catering will be AMAZING!
Craft supplies photo credit: unleash creative
I had a chat to Magdalena this week and asked about the inspiration behind Unleash Creative…

“I wanted to be able to share creative skills to a wider community. You don’t have to see yourself as ‘crafty’ to be creative, you just need to be given the tools and the opportunity. You can find craft classes anywhere to learn specific skills, but there is really nowhere that teaches how to think creatively and look at the full potential of supplies in a new and unique way.”

Painted diamonds photo credit: unleash creative
I’ll be going along to the Melbourne event and reporting on all the good stuff happening on the day. Hopefully I’ll see you there too.
Find out more and get your tickets via unleashcreative.com.au


I have three tickets to giveaway to My Poppet readers:
1 x Melbourne Saturday 29 March (value $239)
1 x Sydney Sunday 4 May (value $239)
1 x Brisbane Saturday 24 May (value $239)

To be in the running please leave a comment telling me when you feel most creative. Make sure you tell me which city you are in.
– Open to anyone that can attend the event on the day, please don’t enter if you can’t make it.
– Comments must have a valid email address.
– Entries close 10am Friday 28th Feb 2014
– Winners must reply within 48 hours or the prize may be redrawn
– Entries will be judged on merit and creativity.
– Good Luck!

All images by Unleash Creative


  • Celia Triolo says:

    Today, my two boys both went off to school. The creative itch has been tickling me for the last 2 months with the thought of having 4 days with no children each week. The UFOs, the stash of lovely old bits, the wonderful ideas on blogs……the list goes on. This morning I jumped out of bed, well actually I hobbed after hurting my foot on the weekend, got the boys off to school, looked at my emails, found some lovely inspiration and grabbed my quilting. I too have earmarked 2014 as my year of creating. For 8 years the boys have come first, now my lovely stash gets to come out and play too.

    Hoping to make it to the Melbourne session

  • Emma says:

    I feel most creative when it’s usually the most inconvenient time! I dream up fabric combinations for the perfect project while sitting in music class with my son. I design my next sewing project while washing the dishes. When it actually comes to the time where I can sit down and sew, I never get as much as I would like done – and I have a never ending “to-do” list 🙂

  • How amass zing would this event be! I think it would be my dream day – just being able to get the creative juices flowing in new and different ways and being inspired and encouraged by inspirational fellow arty crafty folk. I don’t have a particularly time or place where I am the most creative. I try to find the creative in everything in my every day and I find and I then find the world a much happier place to be. I’m from Melbs and would love to win!!! P. S. Love that you are learning Japanese and ballet!! Go you!

  • Wow, what an amazing event!
    I feel my most creative late at night, when the house and neighbourhood is hushed the “work” is done for the day and I feel like it’s really my time to play.

  • Nikki says:

    I’m at my most creative when I’m most stressed. I have a very technical job, two beautiful kids and chaos at home. Making paper and cards is my enforced downtime; sewing and fixing is my chance to sit on my own in the evening. Uninterrupted. A whole day of being surrounded by crafty wonders may just blow my mind, so much to learn! Would love to attend the Melbourne session…

  • Like clockwork, I’ll get my creative drive at a time when I should be going to bed. This means I stay up until the wee hours of the morning, get a few precious hours of sleep and then am woken by the lovely sounds of “I want my milk”, “I want my breakfast”, “Can I play playdough?”…I’m working on a complete sleep deficit but at least I had fun creating 😉
    (I’m in BrisVegas)

  • Deb Dane says:

    Wow I would love to attend the Brisbane event!

    I feel most creative when I push myself to let go and be free. As a recovering perfectionist I struggle with trusting that I am creative ENOUGH and talented ENOUGH to be worthy of possibly wasting /ruining supplies. I also have to work at letting things unfold. So when I can separate my mind from my art I feel the most creative !

  • I feel creative when I finally finish a project and it had actually worked ! And even more creative when other people actually like what I’ve made too

  • I feel creative when I finally finish a project and it had actually worked ! And even more creative when other people actually like what I’ve made too
    I’d love to go to melbourne
    [email protected]

  • I feel my most creative when I’m surrounded by creative friends and we can craft-jam … continually building off each other’s ideas until our conversation spirals out of control and we need to brew another pot of tea to calm ourselves down. Usually, the tea is not enough and we must also eat cake. Then repeat.
    It sounds like this event would be a huge source of inspiration. I am currently on sabbatical, travelling around Australia in a caravan. The hardest part about that is being away from my friends and our endless craft-jams. I could be in Melbourne for 29 March though and would be over the moon to craft-jam with new creative mentors.

  • Jess says:

    I feel most creative when I’m relaxed, and have time to explore and experiment with my ideas. I’m near Brisbane, and would loooove to go to Unleash Creative!

  • Tara Lawley Passos says:

    I always feel most inspired and creative at the most inconvenient of times. Why does inspiration do that!? However I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and I have been super creative during my pregnancy – I have done some of my best work so far while I’ve been pregnant. It’s been fantastic. I just hope it sticks around once the polka dot comes (that’s the baby’s nickname). I may need a new little push once dotty is out, so this workshop day would be great 🙂 Just looking at these photos and the ones on the unleashed creative website has my fingers itching.

    I’m from the Gold Coast, so it would be the Brisbane one for me! Thanks for this opportunity Cintia!

  • Fiona Green says:

    Well lately I am feeling creative nearly all of the time. Since I was a little girl I was always making things and am loving seeing crafts I did when I was young, making a revival. I did macrame when I was 16! So with social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest connecting us with creative people and amazing ideas I am just wanting to create all the time and anytime I can. Unleash Creative sounds very exciting and I would love to get to the Sydney event.

  • Crystal says:

    I feel most creative when I’m in the backyard with my two toddlers. We see and find so many things that either kick start creativity or become the inspiration for indoor craft projects. This craft workshop would be a lot of fun and some great “me” time. I live in Brisbane.

  • Kellie Berryman says:

    I feel most creative when i head to the city(Melbourne).I just love the atmosphere of being amongst the fashion,the street art and the vibrancy that a city has to offer.I find it very inspiring and come home with so many different ideas.Living in a small country town can be a little limiting and it can be hard to find other creative types.It would be an awesome experience to go to Melbourne and hang out with like minded people!

  • Available for Melbourne workshop!
    I feel most creative when I am feeling the least amount of pressure. I draw my creativity from friends, my kids, walks around my neighbourhood or magazines I read. I like the feeling to take over and to just go from there, it could be a colour I saw or a sign or a cushion. Whatever it may be it needs to come naturally and not forced – that way its the most fun too!

  • Melitza says:

    I think I am most creative when I am relaxed and in a happy place. My whole little family got creative this past school holidays when we were on our maiden voyage caravan trip – each of us were inspired to draw our surroundings and experiences. I have been dying to get to a creative event for ages, sans children, to motivate my creativity. I keep missing out on these events as I never know about them until it’s too late! I would love to attend the Sydney Unleash Creative event to get my hands dirty in some craftiness!

  • Jessica says:

    My new job in adolescent mental health has been most rewarding for my previously ‘sleepy’ personal creativity. Every week, every lesson that is planned requires of my teaching colleagues and I creative, thought provoking, positive, engaging activities that impress and inspire the amazingly resilient young people with whom we work. I am always looking for inspiration to create!

  • Christina Day says:

    I would LOVE to come to the Melbourne event. I usually come up with ‘creative ideas’ in the shower! I am most ‘creative’ when my busy household of 7 are not home and I have some peace…YAY, and travelling, that is so inspiring, I take photo after photo after photo and dream up creative ways of using them it art work.

  • Michelle R says:

    GO BrisVegas
    when do I feel the most creative…. in one word in the gaps (actually that’s more than one word)
    The gaps between picking and dropping kids off
    the gaps between doing chores
    the gaps between sleep and awake
    the gaps between doing and being
    the gaps between just eh and being brilliant
    Heres hoping I can fill the gaps more

  • kristy says:

    I feel most creative when I’ve been for a wander outside and filled my lungs with oxygen, and I’ve got some good exercise endorphins happening… I look around and with my mind as a canvas I begin to stitch things together in my imagination, folding and cutting and gluing and stretching, blending the colours together here and there… wrapping this piece of imagination around that landscape, turning it sideways and starting from a different perspective… all while I wander, sometimes listening to tunes, other times listening to the thrum of the urban landscape of Brisbane.

  • Mary says:

    WTG Magdalena this sounds like it will be a fabulous event and thankyou Cinti for sharing.
    I am definitely at my most creative when the end of my current project is tantalisingly in sight. I start to daydream about what will come next, blithely ignoring my already stupendously long list of WIP’s. This often leads to a rash of castonitis, or a flurry of pattern to fabric matching. Fibre is released from the stash and fondled wantonly. Meal creation becomes a bit eclectic, children head off to school in mismatched socks and the washing pile grows as I am distracted by the potentional of what will be. Will all that creation hanging there ready and waiting all that is left to do is start making. Now I must excuse myself as I only have one more row to go on my blanket…..

    I’m a Melbourne girl btw.

  • Cathy says:

    Hmmm, creativity comes in two distinct stages for me. There’s the contemplation, consideration, inspiration stage first. Then that stews away in the background for a while. Eventually i might have an ‘aha’ moment (in the shower, or car, or the moments before sleep – when i start to see how it might work). & then some time after that comes the actual fiddling, doing or making. That process can take a few minutes, or forever. So i feel most creative almost always, yet never as if the process is ended. Melbourne

  • Kirsty Sellenger says:

    What a superb event. My creativity strikes in bursts but always right when I’m quietening down for bedtime. So i get back up. And stay up for hours. Until it so late there isn’t any point sleeping. I have to remind myself I am too old for all nighters now.

  • Sylvia says:

    Oh I would love to win this. My creativity always comes to me at the worst time. I was shopping at the supermarket and thought about a great idea for my hair clips and I just couldn’t wait to get home to see if I could do it.

  • EmilyB says:

    I feel most creative once my children are in bed for the night. When silence falls upon the house and I can just think my thoughts or knit without having to stop in the middle of a row!
    Yes that’s my time!

  • Melissa G says:

    Would love to go to the Melbourne event.

  • Dea says:

    I usually get creative after putting the kids to bed. It’s become part of our bedtime routine- bath, make myself tea, brush teeth, pull out my WIP, read a story, kiss goodnight, then craft, craft, craft!!
    I’m in Brisbane 🙂

  • Jenni-Mae says:

    I would love to attend the Sydney crafting day. I feel most creative when I am feeling inspired, stimulated and calm and doing creative things can also make me feel this way. It’s a win: win 🙂

  • Marisa says:

    I feel most creative when im out exploring craft shops – you know the old school ones, with stuff everywhere or coasting around the 2nd hand stores and markets, i love it when you get this spark of an idea and then transform it into reality. Id love to attend the Brisbane event

  • Indigo M. says:

    I feel most creative when…?????? Sometimes it just comes, normally at a really strange time, in the middle of the night, out in the bush sometimes on the toilet. Then i go and look online, buy some stuff and get crafting. Most of all, i feel creative when i am inspired, be that by blogs, books or magazines. I live in melbourne and it would be great to meet some inspiring people and get crafting!

  • Moni says:

    I feel my most creative when I have a blank canvas to work with! I am just about to move into a new house, that is currently being painted so that I can start afresh, and I can’t wait to get in there and start decorating! Time to get creative!

  • Leah says:

    Always feel most creative at the worst possible time – when I should be preparing dinner, when I have a mountain of bookwork, when you can’t move in my laundry for washing. Inconvenient – but fun…. isn’t that what creating is all about! Life is way to short to be organised ALL the time!

  • Leah says:

    Oops forgot to tell you – Melbourne would be my closest venue!

  • Catherine says:

    Wow, this sounds just like my cup of tea. I live in Sydney and would love to attend on 4th May.

  • Louise T says:

    I feel most creative after spending a day with other creatives. This is usually after spending a day with my Australian Sewing Guild group. This group of women of all ages, are sewers yes, but they also do so many other things that are creative. I often say to them that seeing them each month is like going to a craft show each month. So I would love to spend time with some more creative people here in Brisbane. Thank you and good luck with the day.

  • sam greenwald says:

    Today, my two boys both went off to school. The creative itch has been tickling me for the last 2 months with the thought of having 4 days with no children each week. The UFOs, the stash of lovely old bits, the wonderful ideas on blogs……the list goes on. This morning I jumped out of bed, well actually I hobbed after hurting my foot on the weekend, got the boys off to school, looked at my emails, found some lovely inspiration and grabbed my quilting. I too have earmarked 2014 as my year of creating. For 8 years the boys have come first, now my lovely stash gets to come out and play too.
    Hoping to make it to the Melbourne session

  • Sandra says:

    I feel most creative when surrounded by nature. The colours and textures, the simplicity within the complex, and the heady fragrance of plants breathing.

    I’d love to go to the Sydney event

  • Caitlan says:

    I find I’m most creative when I’m busy and don’t have huge amounts of time to craft in, a weekend is ideal. I find that when I have any more time then that I become overwhelmed with the possibilities and end up doing absolutely nothing! When I’m busy ideas often pop into my head while I’m working, because I can’t get started straight away I have all that time at work to visualise it and plan it out and get excited about it. By the time the weekend comes I have everything I need to get started and I have a clear time limit to keep me motivated. When I have large amounts of time I start without thinking it through, things go wrong, I’m missing supplies etc and I loose motivation. I’ve only come to this realisation in the past few weeks having started a full time job I’ve crafted more in the past few weekends then I did in the whole last year at uni when I had a heap more time! I’m in Brisbane and would love to go and spend time with such a crafty bunch!

  • Nadine says:

    It’s the process that get my creative mojo happening – that & seeing how others manipulate & transform the most mundane or unexpected objects into pieces to be enjoyed. Inspiring! Melbourne.

  • Julie says:

    I find my creativity flourishes when I’ve had some decent sleep! I’m not greedy, just 5-6 hours in a row will do me…of course with 3 kids, it doesn’t happen often enough! With the 3rd child joining his older siblings at school this year, 2014 is the year to finish those projects that are hiding in cupboards, start some new projects that haven’t seen the light of day due to time constraints and learn some new things. So excited! I live in Melbourne so would love to attend my local event!

  • Candy says:

    Like many I feel most creative in the evening, and especially when no one else is about. I live just outside of Brisbane.

  • Anastasia Starz says:

    In the Middle of the Night
    Waking up hearing a lark sing
    The scent of coffee, a delight
    Ideas grow from everything & anything!

    Walking down the laneways
    Exploring craft fairs here and there
    Reading magazines on rainy days
    Looking for things, a spare

    Traveling to work on the train
    We go past a guitar in a tree
    A scene to sketch on a card, plain
    Inspiration is always free

    Creativity can strike anywhere anytime! As long as you keep an open mind and notice the little things, but at the same time don’t miss the big picture.

    P.S. The guitar in the tree is a true story, there’s an area between two stations on our line that often has musical things hanging in the tree or on a tree stump. Last week it was a radio, one of those huge black ones from the past.

    Melbourne 🙂

  • Mary Daff says:

    I feel most creative when I am trawling through thrift stores and finding inspiring pieces, books and daily life experiences… These things usually help spark the creativity within but lately no matter how much I try to find it I feel creatively lost! I am at a creative crossroad with no direction :(. Wondering around like a little list cloud I try to find the ideas and motivation to create and feel the freedom of my inner creative spirit.
    I feel like this workshop will help get me back into it. It would be great to meet up with other creative people, get some creative vibes going… Being involved in this workshop will help me find the creative spark again.

    Mary from Melbourne

  • Michelle says:

    I feel most creative when I put my feelings and emotions into the work that I do. I love to express my feelings through painting or drawing or creating something new. I live in Melbourne. 🙂

  • Meagan Denison says:

    I feel being creative is the biggest stress relief – so I guess I feel most creative when I want to escape (even for just a moment) from the everyday.

  • Meagan Denison says:

    Oops – and I live in Melbourne!

  • nicole says:

    holy crap! it’s next month!
    i feel like that has come up quick, though i’m sure it hasn’t for mags, she must be going like crazy!
    anywho, most creative…
    my most creative times are when i have the least time to do anything creative! the house is a pigsty, and work is mental, that’s when a little flicker of an idea will pop into my head!
    it will start out as a little whisper in the back of my head, but then gets louder and louder until i have to just give in and let it be 😀

  • Geethma Perera says:

    I’m from the sunshine state , Brisbane. I always have my creative inspiration and urges strike at twilight to late into the night. I find so much inspiration in that time period when the sun is setting and there’s almost a magical infinite feeling because it’s quiet except for the occasional kookaburra and you can see the stars like fireflies stuck in a spiders web. You’re able to relax and take everything in slowly in a way you can’t during the day. I’ve never been a morning person so twilight to midnight is the perfect time for me to have my late night creative streaks when I’m motivated, wide awake and seeing everything so differently !!

  • I have had some of my best ideas while exercising! Random, but I think my brain is just trying to to anything but focus on the pain of exercise!

  • Clare Burton says:

    For me, creating breeds creativity.

    I have a new baby, so I wanted something extra special to give my little boy for his 2nd birthday… I’ve just finished making him a teepee from your tutorial 🙂 Then I decided I needed to make balloon balls from fabric scraps as party favours for his little friends! Next is some cot sheets for the little one for when she moves into her cot in a month or two…

    The Sydney event would be a great opportunity to get a little ‘me’ time in!

  • Leanne says:

    Feeling creative is part of every day for me. I am so inspired by life and every day. There is so much inspiration if you keep your eyes wide open. It might be the pegs on the clothesline, the flowers in the garden, my daughter’s drawing, the pattern on a coffee cup. My struggle though is finding the time(making the time) to nurture my creativity. My ‘one little word’ this year is NOURISH. I think this workshop would be perfectly nourishing for me in SO many ways. I will travel 500kms to attend the Sydney event if I am the lucky winner.

  • DIANA O says:

    Sporadically, there’s no set time or place. Creativity washes over me like a wave, and during those times is when I produce my best works.

  • Charlotte says:

    In the wee hours of the morning, when I’m sitting in the middle of my floor and its covered in sewing patterns, pins, fabric and little pieces of thread. Something about my crazy I’ve-been-up-half-the-night-sewing hairdo just screams creative genius… like Martha Stewart meets Albert Einstein!!!!!

    I’d LOVE to attend the Sydney event, fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • cathie says:

    creativity is a funny ol’ thing, it can disappear for such a long time and then reappear just when you least expect it. i find being surrounded by creative people, chatting away can lead to a spark of creativity. walking down the street, stopping into a cafe for a mocha. hanging out with the kids, watching them create, draw, paint. going for a drive to the country or to the city, visiting an op shop, an art store, a fabric store. walking home from school with the kids, going through the park, watching the ducks in the lake. a little bit of everyday can trigger a grand idea and get me creating. that’s what i love about it.
    thanks for a wonderful give away Cinti, I’m in Melbourne!

  • melinda says:

    I feel most creative when I am helping one of my students create an artwork (I am a teacher) but I cannot create with them. I just guide them and teach ways of approaching their ideas. I love being a creative teacher (I teach film, photography and theory) but I yearn to be more creative and to have the opportunity to reawaken my own creativity. I am desperate to break out of my own creative boxes and rediscover what I can create just for myself, not for a curriculum.
    I’m in Melbourne!

  • LISA says:

    Hmmm…when do I feel most creative??? The answer is NOT OFTEN ENOUGH! Since becoming mum my creativity has somewhat somehow gone AWOL…except within the realms of creating a gorgeous little human 🙂 When it comes to creativity in making cool things, the kinda things I would like to wear, snuggle into and surround myself with, I’m needing something to kick start my heart into being the “doing my rockin’ thing” kinda woman my gal deserves and can admire. Unleash creative is where I want to be and Sydney is where I’m at 🙂

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