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Clever Patch Gift voucher Giveaway

CleverPatch is fast becoming Australia’s most creative online craft store. They’re all about the doing! With over 4,000 products and 1,200 free ideas they have everything to create colour, make and play…
100% Australian owned with a combined 75 years in the craft industry, they also care about the experience being great.

We’re not about pipe cleaners and beads, we’re about the growth that comes from exploration and freedom of creative expression.

CleverPatch sent Emma and me a box of craft supplies which included some of the products I’ve pictured here, we can’t wait to get stuck in and get creating. But it’s not fair to keep the fun all to myself and the team at CleverPatch has been generous enough to offer a giveaway prize to My Poppet MAKES readers.
clever patch products - craft supplies

For your chance to WIN a $120 CleverPatch voucher to spend on whatever creative supplies you need do is pop over to their website and take a look around, then answer the following question in the comments below

How can CleverPatch help you and your kids be more creative?

Good Luck
x Cinti

Terms & Conditions
The winner will be the entry deemed most creative by the judges at CleverPatch HQ. Entries open until 5pm Wednesday 27th May, 2015. Winner will be announced in the comments below and contacted via entering email address.  To claim the prize, the winners must reply to the winner notification and accept the prize within 72 hours of receiving the winner’s notification or risk forfeiting prize.
Giveaway is open to Australian residents only.
All email addresses provided in this competition will be provided to CleverPatch for their promotional use to email you information about their business. You will be subscribed to the CleverPatch email newsletter and you may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time.


  • Jennifer Crewe says:

    Having a site like CleverPatch will be such a help as I run out of ideas and then if I find an idea, I can’t find the product needed to complete the job. Living in a small town with only a Spotlight for shopping limits me a lot . I need help and winning a gift from CleverPatch will save me and my grandchildren.

  • Melissa G says:

    My kids are creative. I am creative. But even creativity runs dry on it’s own. A site like Cleverpatch could certainly provide new angles to making stuff.

  • Rosalie Bernacki says:

    CleverPatch would offer our heart, home and minds with new bright, warm, wonderful colour adventures, that would allow even us big kids to participate – in making our art for the heart for our very new home!!!!

  • Maxabella says:

    I’ve never heard of Cleverpatch, but you can bet I’ll be back there time and time again. Thanks for the intro, Cintia. I’m not entirely sure that a store can help us be more creative, but it will definitely supply us with all we need to bring our ideas to life!! x

  • Kate Stark says:

    I love CleverPatch! They dont just sell craft products, but inspiring ideas on what to do with them. The projects on their webpage are fantastic starting points from which my kids can develop their own crafty creations.

  • Laura says:

    I love that you can so easily pair the activities with the materials needed and vice versa. They have the projects rated to allow you to choose something that suits you perfectly, labelled messy, or for groups etc. I am a parent and a teacher and it is so helpful to search differently for projects for home or school. Thanks for introducing me to a valuable new resource.

  • Steph says:

    We have 3 creative children at home who explore the arts on a regular basis. We all get in on the action to paint, sculpt, cut, trace and make a creative mess. Clever patch will help extend some of those ideas and build on specific interests. Plus I worknon early childhood and often need further inspiration when it comes to our room and what we can do to make it ours!! Xo Steph

  • Jodie Moss says:

    Wow, the different ideas offered blow my mind. I love that packs are available to dos criticises or you can make your own. My kids love craft and I’m always running out of ideas. Not any more!

  • Crystal Berry says:

    Cleverpatch can provide the resources and inspiration for my kids to be more creative. Having a shop that supports it’s products with so many ideas to use them is wonderful. Having that resource makes it so much easier for busy parents to get motivated to support their child’s creativity.

  • Nicole says:

    I’ve used Clever Patch over the years as a teacher. Now that I’m privileged to be the mum of two boys it’s good to know there’s a place to go to to not only buy supplies but also for ideas, especially when there’s a glut of one craft item, like pop sticks, but not much of anything else. Plus I’m a sucker for not just buying what we need. I often buy other items, just in case!

  • Tina says:

    Wow, Clever Patch allows me to spend less time wondering what to do, how and with what; and more time having fun CREATING! Yay, fun times ahead.

  • I’ve been lusting after a CleverPatch Ultra Bright LED Light Panel – not for the kids though, for me!
    It would be perfect for high-key photography. After I’m done satisfying my photographic whims, I’d let the kids have a play as well… but only after I’m done 😛

  • Kate says:

    Hazar! I’m so glad to have finally found this site!! No mention of ‘fall’, references to NAIDOC week and cool Australian animal projects! My girls and I are going to have a ball working through the crafts and activities. X

  • karina l says:

    With Cleverpatch goodness in my own, it will peel their eyes and fingers off the iPad and it will help their creative juices flow like a dam!

  • Sharon lamb says:

    Clever patch will provide the inspiration and freedom to create wonderful unique masterpieces from quality products that will endure and provide joy for the creator and receiver.

  • Wendy Hatton says:

    Cleverpatch not only have supplies to fill all our creative needs but we can direct our activities to individual areas of interest too- outside, inside, history, dinosaurs. The ultimate in learning while having creative fun too.

  • Kirsty Skilbeck says:

    All kinds of amazing going on at clever patch, I just loved the naturals range, gobsmacked at the choices. Something there for everyone in our family, and plenty to inspire. Just a quick glance has me thinking of new things to do with the kids. Will be signing up for Clever Patch creative gold in my Inbox.

  • Jess says:

    My three year old son loves to help me craft. My sewing time hasn’t been the same since he found the reverse lever on my machine, which he loves to press at random moments. He also loves to help unwind my yarn as I’m knitting – did you know that a ball of wool can go from the lounge to the back shed and back again? He’s recently shown me just how handy Tonka trucks are for storing scissors, measuring tape and other essential items. I just wish he’d tell me where they were. I think a Cleverpatch box of goodies might help me channel my son’s creativity for good instead of evil (he is a beautiful child though, don’t get me wrong!).

  • sam says:

    My kids are creative. I am creative. But even creativity runs dry on it’s own. A site like Cleverpatch could certainly provide new angles to making stuff.

  • Michelle Maynard says:

    It will give my son an opportunity to focus which is is struggling with and when he is being creative it is when he comes up with his own ideas and to see that cheeky grin when he gets one is the best feeling in the world

  • My 4 year old son and I are both very creative, he loves arts and crafts time. My almost 2 year old loves mess and destruction! I’ve found lots of things on Cleverpatch (I already subscribe to their awesome newsletter) that might pique the little guy’s interest. I would love to find something to help him enjoy craft time with me and his big brother, so we can all enjoy quality time together.

  • Cleverpatch would be great to get my niece and nephew creative when they come to visit.

  • Karly says:

    Just like “My Poppet” the CLEVERPATCH website offers the seeds to help craft ideas grow. There is a parents and educators section so if a kids section grows soon; what an inspiring garden!

  • Susan Broughton says:

    I have never heard of CleverPatch until now but they have so many ideas and options for us to do or try. We will be busy for a while!

  • terri says:

    I work at a School and we always get the catalogues sent there. It is always a well read book over break times. It has soooo much inspiration that the Students are always creating something wonderful out of it. My daughter and I are both very crafty so the old catalogues are used at home as well. ( to buy and inspire).

  • Stephie says:

    Cleverpatch can help me explain recycling to my 4yr old daughter, and we can create some wicked new toys – she will be so proud of her work and inventiveness!

  • marisa says:

    I absolutely adore making things, and i love exposing new materials & experiences to my son. Clever patch has some great products and clever creative ideas – I think by letting kids explore and have fun – sometimes its not about the end product thats created but the process in making. Clever patch would help our little creative garden of ideas grow by providing some wonderful materials, ideas, products. xxx

  • Suzanne Rowe says:

    So many great ideas for education as well as home use. I know the giveaway is only open to Australians but what a great resource for you! Wonderful store!

  • Robin says:

    Cleverpatch has things I never even thought of doing! It’s awesome! I think they could help me out with my craft ideas/supplies for my Sunday School class and with Vacation Bible School!

  • I think anything from Clever patch would brighten up our day and open up our crafty minds.
    Activity packs, stencilling, colouring. Anything an inventive 3 year old would soak up.

  • sylvia .b says:

    I love doing crafts with my children, especially when it is educational too. I love Cleverpatch alphabets and number crafts… and their blog is inspirational… very clever… and fun way to learn

  • Mandy Ferry says:

    I think clever patch will help kids create using things from every day life. Clever patch is full of so many lovely ideas.

  • Kelly Solomons says:

    Clever patch has all we need to learn and build and grow
    Their clever tips and helpful hints will put us in the know
    Search by ideas or by occasion
    Soon we’ll have a craft invasion
    It’s more than pens and paints and ink
    It’s packs and kits and the kitchen sink
    For all the things I didn’t catch
    I thank the folks at clever patch

  • sapna says:

    Clever patch will provide us lots of new ideas to use our imagination while playing and creating new things. We will get more opportunities to learn & be creative together in a fun way while learning and exploring new things.

  • Thanks for your entries, giveway now closed. Winner will be contacted via email.

    • terri says:

      A huge Thank you . I am soooo excited to win this. I don’t know where to start, so many great things to buy…

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