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Offal’s not Awful

Ask the average person if they eat meat and the answer will be yes. Ask them if they eat offal and they will look at you in disgust. I don’t get it, why do people find the idea of eating offal so awful? I was pondering this as I was frying up some chicken livers for dinner tonight, I had…

My Poppet Living

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6 Gifts to Sew for Travellers

I’m heading overseas in a couple of days, so I have travel on my mind. I’m in the middle of packing and wish I had time to make a couple of these projects, the cable tidy would come in very handy! If you are looking for some handmade gift ideas this year, any of these would be great for someone…

Hi I’m Cintia, mama, maker and crafty blogger. I love creating something useful and beautiful out of things that were previously unloved. When I'm not crafting you'll find me making a mess in the kitchen, planning my next travel adventure or trawling Op-shops and flea markets for vintage treasures. I hope My Poppet brings a little bit of sunshine into your day, just like it has to mine.

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