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Celebrate the change of season with 3 Easy Autumn Cocktails

Autumn is a lovely time of year in Melbourne, some would say it’s the best time of year. Those hideous hot days have passed and the chill of winter is yet to arrive. As the light gets softer and the shadows longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to slow down and take some time to enjoy the simple pleasures – good…

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Fruit party - Birthday party idea

Emma’s Fruit Themed Afternoon Tea Birthday Party

Here’s a cute and colourful kids party idea that you can put together in only an hour or two without breaking the bank – a Fruit Themed Afternoon Tea Party! It was Emma’s birthday this week, but because we’ve had a lot going on I decided an intimate gathering afternoon tea with immediate family rather than a big party.  It…

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flamingo party ideas

Eva’s Pink Flamingo Birthday Party

It’s official, fairies are on the way out, the hottest new trend in girls party decor and themes is the Flamingo! How do I know this? Because my 5 year old niece Eva has her finger on the pulse of what’s cool and decided on a Pink Flamingo Birthday Party this year. Pink, kitschy, feathery and fun, flamingos tick all…

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Brunch smoothie bar

7 Tips to make your Next Brunch Party a No-Stress Success

The one thing I love about blogging is all the friends I’ve made over the years, super talented and interesting people that I’d probably never have met in my former career. The only down side is we don’t often get to hang out in real life, blogging can be quite a solitary pursuit, most of us tend to sit at…

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flower garden party themed birthday decorations

Emma’s Flower Garden Birthday Party

Emma’s birthday always sneaks up on me. It’s usually around the same time as Easter so all the chocolate bunny hoopla tends to be quite a distraction. I always have the best intentions for organizing a proper party and actually inviting her little friends, but alas, between school holidays and the Easter break, it never happened. Luckily for Emma, her…

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