Operation Ouch Birthday – Doctor Themed Party

If your kiddo is a fan of the educational, and super fun, British TV show Operation Ouch, they are going to love this Operation Ouch Doctor themed party that my nieces just had for their combined Birthday celebration.

Kids Doctor themed birthday party - Girls dressed in surgical scrubs atanding in front of skeleton poster

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Both Amalia and Eva are big fans of twin doctors Dr Chris and Dr Xand. Through fun science experiments, ambulance ride-alongs and A&E visits, they explain how the human body works, and teach kids about how medicine and medical procedures.

It’s a fantastic kids TV show, which I enjoy watching with Emma, and would highly recommend. If you’re not familiar with Operation Ouch, you can watch it here on youtube.

Doctor birthday cake

My sister is the queen of throwing amazing kids parties together in a couple of hours. Take a look at the Flamingo Birthday Party she created for Eva a few years ago.

With a few clever cake decorating hacks and a quick trip to the party and office supply store, she has managed to put together a fun doctor themed party without too much fuss.

A Doctor Birthday Party is a great party theme idea that works well for both girls and boys, and is especially fun for kids that are into science, biology and medicine. If you are looking for a gender neutral party theme for siblings, an Operation Ouch party would be a real hit!

Doctor Birthday Cake

Doctor Birthday Cake

A toy doctor kit provided the perfect cake decorations for this easy Doctor Birthday Cake. Rather than baking the cake from scratch, she purchased a chocolate cake from Costco and simply added a red fondant heart to the top.

To finish the look, a few wooden toys from a child’s doctors kit were arranged on top. then a Operation Ouch cake topper added.

The Operation Ouch cake topper was simply a logo printed off the internet and taped onto 2 paper straws.

Doctor Birthday Party Food Ideas

Apart from regualar party food like fruit, sandwiches, popcorn and sushi, there was also a few medical themed food ideas.

Doctor themed party table

Everyone’s favourite was the chocolate syringe doughnuts which involved squeezing tasty Nutella into tasty glazed doughnuts. You could also fill the syringes with strawberry jam if you wanted the filling to look more like blood.

Doughnut with chocolate syringe

My sister just picked these plastic syringes up from her local pharmacy for a few cents each.

Tip: Warm up Nutella in microwave to make it thinner and easier to suck up into syringes.

Doctor Birthday party food - jello cup samples

Jelly in sample jars are easy to make, and the jars can be reused for other food prep. If you don’t want to buy small jars especially for the party, you could also use recycled glass jars with the labels removed.

Red and green jelly are the girls’ flavours of choice, but I think yellow jelly would be fun and look like urine samples. Too gross?

heart candy in jars

Conveniently the party was a day after Valentine’s day so my sister picked up lots of heart shaped candy on sale. What a win!

She put together some cute party favour boxes with a heart sticker on the front, assorted candy including teeth lollies and other favourites like small tins of silly putty.

doctor party party favour box

Doctor Themed Party Decorations

Doctor themed party table

Dr Chris and Dr Xand wear blue and turquoise scrubs, so a couple of plastic tablecloths added those colours to the decor. Big red heart balloons and a Happy Birthday banner finished off the tablescape.

Skeleton poster

A skeleton x-ray poster, printed from this site, made a great photo backdrop and also doubles as a party game.

Rather than print at home, and use way too much black ink, my sister printed this skeleton at her local print shop on A3 paper.

Tip: To make the skeleton bones really stand out, trace over the lines with a white paint pen.

Doctor Birthday Party Games

Many traditional birthday party games can be adapted to have a medical theme. Here are couple of ideas.

The kids really had fun just hanging out and playing ‘Doctors’ with some bandages and equipment. There was also a game of Operation on offer for the kids that wanted to test their skills.

operation game

A game of Pass the Parcel was wrapped with bandages and plasters to theme it with a medical twist.

Pass the parcel package wrapped with bandages instead of paper.

The bandages were a bit tricky to get off, which added to the excitement levels.

Pass the parcel party game

Everyone’s highlight was a fun version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead it was Pin the Heart on the Skeleton.

Doctor themed party game idea

Child playing Doctor themed party game

A great time was had by all.

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I hope you’ve found some party inspiration here, if you liked this post pin the image below to Pinterest.

Doctor Birthday Party ideas


  • Meagan says:

    Awesome party ideas! How did you get the x-ray black background look on the skeleton?

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      You could try either of these methods:
      1. Import the file into a photo editing program and inverse the colours. I think my sister did this and went over some of the lines with white paint marker to make them stand out.
      2. You could print as normal and trace onto black paper, then outlining with a while marker.

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