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Upcycle Felt Scraps into Artistic Felt Sheets


Recycle your felt scraps by needle felting them into colourful new sheets of felt. It’s a great solution to reduce craft waste and an interesting way to restock your felt supplies with creative new material. Best of all it’s free! After years of madly crafting with felt fabric sheets, I have a massive collection of teeny tiny scraps that I…

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pink strawberry shortcake hoodie front and back view

DIY Strawberry Shortcake Hoodie


Transform a plain pink sweatshirt into a cute Strawberry Shortcake hoodie with some iron-on vinyl applique and a Cricut Joy cutting machine. Hands up if you had a Strawberry Shortcake doll as a kid. Well it seems a whole new generation has fallen for her sweetly scented hair. Recently my own kiddo asked me to make her an outfit inspired…

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confetti scarf crochet pattern - woman wearing black and coloful crochet sacrf

Confetti Scarf Crochet Pattern


Brighten up any outfit with this delicate crochet scarf, inspired by the joyfully random colours of a handful of confetti. I call it the Confetti Scarf! Made from soft and drapey bamboo blend yarn, this narrow scarf is the perfect lightweight accessory to add a bit of personality to whatever you’re wearing.  I love a quick crochet project as much…

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