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crocheted bobble stripe rainbow pillow

Rainbow Bobble Crochet Pillow Pattern


Adding a pop of colour to your living room is easy with this beautifully textured Rainbow Bobble Crochet Pillow. Using chunky yarn makes it quick to crochet. I whipped this crochet cushion cover up up in a weekend! Colourful home decor is the quickest way to cheer up a room. Because I love bright colours, I couldn’t resist making a…

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Making Paper Flowers

Make A Bouquet of Paper Flowers


Make a stunning bouquet of paper flowers to give as a gift, or to enjoy year round in your own home. These paper flowers have a minimalist design that will add a pop of colour to any space. Printable templates are included, along with easy to follow instructions. I cannot recall ever not liking flowers – peony (my most favourite…

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DIY bunny box easter craft -

Easter Craft – Make a Bunny Gift Box!


A fun Easter craft project to enjoy with kids, this adorable Easter Bunny Gift Box is so easy to make. Fill it with tasty Easter treats and give as a thoughtful gift, or use it to store special treasures all year round. With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to gather your craft supplies and make some cute craft projects to…

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Stylish Remakes book with scissors and sewing supplies

Book Review: Stylish Remakes – 25 Upcycled Clothing Ideas


Upcycling old clothes and refashioning unwanted garments is something I’ve been doing for years. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than turning an ill-fitting item of clothing into something cute and wearable.  You can check out some of my past upcycled clothing refashion projects here. I’m always searching for clever and easy ways to refashion common wardrobe staples, so when I…

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