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Kids Craft: Print & Color Easter Basket -

Kids Craft: Print & Colour Easter Basket


I love eating chocolate. I have a fantasy of operating a chocolate boutique, à la Vianne Rocher (from the book Chocolat, written by Joanne Harris). My only foreseeable problem to this scenario would be my having to fight the overwhelming temptation, and not eat the chocolate. While on the topic of chocolate, Easter is around the corner. To celebrate the…

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Sweetheart valentine felt craft heart -

Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Charm


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and the romantic in me is always excited by what this day represents. Even though I was one of the legions of luckless, unrequited teenagers who never discovered a love stamped note in their locker, I held onto hope that the next year would be different. To celebrate my enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day I…

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