Make A Bouquet of Paper Flowers

Make a stunning bouquet of paper flowers to give as a gift, or to enjoy year round in your own home. These paper flowers have a minimalist design that will add a pop of colour to any space. Printable templates are included, along with easy to follow instructions.

How to make a bouquet of paper flowers

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I cannot recall ever not liking flowers – peony (my most favourite at the moment), camellia, rose, jasmine, gardenia, wisteria, lily, tulip, orchid.

My love of flowers extends to the artistic variety such as fabric flowers, and the pressed kind. I’ve been spellbound by the spectacular art of smashed flowers, not to mention shattered flowers.

I also like paper flowers – an interesting art form as it allows us to forever celebrate flowers when the real thing has such a limited season for pleasure.

paper flowers on a white background

We can attribute the invention of paper with the Chinese, as they developed the process of softening, breaking down and pressing plant fibres.

This process is very different to the development of papyrus, and the two are not to be confused. The knowledge of paper making led to a world wide discovery of paper crafts, one of which is making paper flowers.

bouquet of paper flowers in glass jar

If you would like to learn some more on the various origins of paper flowers, I recommend reading this Architectural Digest article.

With all this talk of paper flowers you just know where I’m leading you to. I am going to show you how I made a bouquet of flowers, complimented with butterflies and a curious little bird.

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How to make an Easy Paper Flower Bouquet

Add some colourful Spring blooms all year round with these easy to make paper flowers.

No need to fiddle with delicate tissue paper because this bunch of paper flowers is made from robust cardstock.

Making Paper Flowers

The template included can be reduced or enlarged in size during printing, if you prefer smaller or larger flowers.

Also included is a hummingbird and butterfly template to cutout for some added whimsy.

Use any cardstock combination you choose to make your paper bouquet super bright, or subtle pastel.

Add a scent! When finished, why not spray the paper flowers with your favourite perfume for that almost real experience.

bouquet of paper flowers in glass jar

You will need:

Optional – Add paint splatter to flowers

As an optional enhancement you may wish to splatter watercolour paint onto the cut cardstock. You can do this before or after you’ve stuck the pieces together.

To create paint splatter effect soak a paintbrush in a colour of your choosing. Hold the paint brush 10-15 cm away from the cut cardstock pieces. Quickly run a finger across the paintbrush, causing droplets of paint to splatter onto the cardstock. Continue to do this with a variety or colours to make each flower look individual.

How to:

Paper Flower Bouquet

1. Print the two page template at 100%. Cut out each of the template pieces.

2. Trace the template pieces onto cardstock. Aim for colour variety with the cardstock so each flower produced is a little different. Some of the template pieces will advise you to trace duplicate pieces to make a single flower.

3. Cut out the cardstock pieces.

4. Where the template pieces reference a dotted fold line, make a crease. Ensure the matching cardstock pieces are folded as per this reference marker.

5. Flower #5 has an extra reverse fold along the center line to create a Y shape.

6. Place the double-sided tape lengthwise on the outer folded walls of the flower pieces. Stick together the matching folded flower pieces, creating a 3D flower shape.

7. Flower #1 and Flower #2 also have additional tape at the base of the flower to attach the sepal pieces.

8. Heat up the glue gun. Apply a blob of glue to the end of a stem wire. Prod the stem wire up into the central base of each flower.

9. For the butterfly and bird silhouettes glue the stem wires to any spot on these pieces.

All Done! Find yourself a lovely vase, jar or cup and fill it up with your newly made bouquet of paper flowers, butterflies and birds. You can bend the stem wires to shape the bouquet layout.

Making Paper Flowers

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