Melbourne’s Best Kept Craft Supply Secrets

From whimsical yarn havens to treasure troves of buttons and trims, and even a bookshop dedicated solely to crafting, Melbourne has some hidden retail gems that cater to a diverse range of crafty pursuits.

Big box stores and online shopping for craft supplies is fine, but nothing replaces the thrill of unearthing a unique piece of fabric from a remnant pile, squishing perfect yarn, or gleaning inspiration from a shelf full of beautifully crafted books.

Join me on a crafty journey as I reveal some of Melbourne’s best-kept craft supply secrets.

Melbourne's best kept craft supply secrets

The number one question that I get asked all the time is “Where do you get your wool/fabric/supplies from?”

It can often be hard to find very niche supplies locally or at a reasonable price, unless you know where to look that is!

Over a couple of weeks, Emma and I visited all my favourite crafty stores, specifically the ones that specialize and excel in their niche, but don’t shout it from the roof tops.

Some of these stores don’t even sell online, you’ll have to get off the couch to explore these treasure troves.

All of my best kept secrets were either discovered by accident (just driving past), or via word of mouth from a friend of a friend, and now I’m going to share the secrets with you.

Just you, me and the internet, so keep it under your hat ok.

top secret

Time to buckle yourself in. I’m going to take you on a crafty tour of Melbourne.
To be honest, each of these stores are so great,

I could write a whole blog post on each (and maybe one day I will), but we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so… Let’s get started!

Craft supplies in Melbourne’s North

I used to live in Essendon so I know my way around Melbourne’s inner north.

Sadly I don’t get across there as often as I’d like, but I still make the trip if I’m looking for something specific that I know the following stores stock.
These four stores are within 15 minutes of each other, so you can easily cover them all in a morning if you are efficient.

Trimmings and Remnants

TRIMMINGS N REMNANTS (Now House of Adorn – see new address below)

Trimmings n Remnants has recently moved to a new large warehouse location just down the road from the old store, (which I loved but was falling down apparently).

It’s an Aladdin’s cave of sequins, feathers, millinery supplies, sparkly spandex and of course, trims.

If you need to make a dance costume or embellish anything, you’ll find what you need here.

You can buy sequins by the kilo. By the KILO!

trimmings n remnants

They have shelves and shelves of jars filled with beads, buttons, toy eyes, jewellery and bag findings, and a few surprises like these little kewpie dolls. My sister beaded her wedding dress with some gorgeous supplies from here.

trimmings and remnants

I come here if I need: Swimwear fabric, special elastic (metallic or coloured), feathers, zips by the meter and anything sparkly.

PH. 03 9543 2268

Yarn Barn


Blink and you’ll miss the Yarn Barn. Kerry and his son have been running this old fashioned business for 15 years, and have a history in the Australian textile industry for many years more. I could spend all day in this little shop playing with all the yarns that Kerry spins from Australian merino. It’s not a fancy place, but the quality, colour range and prices are good.

yarn barn wool

I had to restrain myself from buying one ball of every colour. If you are into spinning or felting, the Yarn Barn has merino wool tops sold by weight. There are a ton of colours to choose from at the bargain price of $7 per 100g.

yarn barn

Kerry showed me through to his back room where he has a plying machine. I was fascinated. You can design your own yarn by mixing and matching any colour or fancy yarn you like and the machine will ply (twist it together) to create something unique. It costs $10 per ball with a minimum of 500g.

Whilst there I also spotted some vintage Irish linen thread which is perfect for rug sewing, you just can’t get linen thread easily anymore.

They also stock a large range of un-dyed merino yarn for DIY dying.
I come here if I need: Lots of wool roving, linen thread, well priced yarn
New location

Call before visiting PH. 0417 664 441

Now it’s time for some fabric shopping. The next two places are around the corner from each other so if you don’t find what you need at one, the other is sure to have it.

Rathdowne Fabrics


When I was sewing to sell for my market based business, this store was my number one destination for quality fabrics at a reasonable price.

The staff there are lovely and even though I haven’t been in such a long time, they still remembered me asked how my mum was doing, we’d often go in together.

I must have bought an awful lot of fabric back then.

What’s special about Rathdowne fabrics is that they source exclusive fabrics from end of designer’s production runs, so it’s likely that you won’t get that fabric anywhere else.

They also have an amazing range of wool fabrics at the moment, vintage suiting and coating. I wonder where they unearthed that?

Their range of dress making fabrics is excellent and they also have a furnishings section with high end ranges for reasonable prices. Make sure to have a rummage through the remnant bins to find a bargain.

Rathdowne fabrics

If you are in the area it’s worth popping in just to see their huge collection of vintage sewing machines. I’m surprised a group of crafty cat burglars haven’t planned a spectacular sewing machine heist to liberate all these gems.
I come here if I need: something a bit different for dressmaking, designer denim.
PH. 03 9388 5444

GJs fabrics


Now located in Fairfield is GJ’s.

If you are a quilter this place is heaven. It has ALL the quilting fabrics, I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

You can get lots of indie patterns her too, as well as a big range of haby and quilting tools.

gjs fabrics

Gjs fabrics

I’ve never seen such a huge rainbow array of Kona Solids, and they have some very reasonably priced linen too. If you need a space to sew with some friends, they have an upstairs room for hire.

But if that wasn’t enough, head into the back room and put your sunglasses on because it’s going to get bright!

GJS dance fabrics

The back room has a big, big range of dance and stretch fabrics. While I was there they had a call from one of the ‘Dancing with the stars‘ dressmakers who needed some chiffon URGENTLY!

I come here if I need: linen fabric, quilting fabric to match something specifically (they have all the colours).


PH. 03 9482 5528

Craft supplies in Melbourne’s South-East

Now it’s time to head southside, which is where I live now. It took me a while to find some new local suppliers for my crafty needs, but I did and they are pretty good.

A couple are just recent discoveries (to me anyway), which goes to show that there are always surprises to be found in your own neighbourhood.



Did somebody say piñata? Prepare yourself for sensory overload, this place is amazing.

I find any excuse to visit because it’s so fun. Apart from a huge range of party supplies, balloons and costumes.

They have lots of paper goods and packaging supplies available in bulk which are perfect for craft businesses. Lots of paper food containers are perfect for crafts and product packaging too, so it’s really worth checking out if you want to take your handmade products to the next level.

Look out for cello bags, reams of tissue paper and kraft paper bags. Also if you need confetti by the kilo they’ve got it sorted.

astoria paper goods balaclava

I just discovered that they had raffia there which is perfect for basket making in 1kg hanks for only $29.
Note: they are closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

You may want to ring ahead just in case.

Also while you are in the area grab a Bagel from Glick’s, it’s right around the corner.

I come here if I need: paper doileys, party supplies, honeycomb decorations, tissue paper, just for fun.
PH. 03 9527 1776

darn cheap fabrics


Darn cheap is now my local go to for garment fabrics.

Their range of everything is gorgeous and every time I go there it just inspires me to get sewing.

Lately I’ve been sewing stretchy clothes for Emma, and their range of jersey and interlock is great. Lots of trendy designs as well as a good range of basics.

They specialise in fashion forward designs. If you want high end fabric for a special dress, they have a bucket load – silks with digital prints, laser cut designs and other really cool stuff, but are very reasonably priced.

darn cheap fabrics

Emma loves it in there, especially looking at all the novelty buttons. Just like me as a girl.
Their range of trims, ribbons and buttons is the best south of the river, if not in Melbourne. A must visit! You will usually find me there on saturday mornings.

I come here if I need: jersey for t-shirts and tracksuits, fancy fabric, amazing trims and buttons.

They also have a location in Fitzroy
PH. 03 9563 6833

wondoflex yarn


I stumbled on Wondoflex earlier this year in my pre-knitting days, I liked it back then, but now that I’m a knitter I LOVE IT!.

I’m a bit late to the game, it has been there for about 60 years, and I hope for another 60 more. It’s huge and has everything you could ever dream of.

So much beautiful yarn. I WANT ALL THE YARN!


Every colour, thickness, fiber, this place is awesome. The staff is lovely, knowledgeable and very helpful, and the best thing is on Fridays and Saturdays they open up the back room which has lots of yarn ON SALE.

I stocked up big time the other day and have lots of knitting planned over the next few months.

wondoflex sale

They also have a huge range of needles, spinning supplies and fiber dyes, as well as running classes.



I come here if I need: Yarn, knitting needles, advice.
PH. 03 9822 6231



Last but not least is my new favourite bookshop which specialises in just craft titles!

There are 1000’s of titles in sewing, knitting, craft, gardening, woodwork, art, photography and more. If you can’t find it there, you probably won’t find it anywhere.

Online shopping is convenient but nothing beats actually looking through a book before you buy it to see if it’s right for you. Can Do Books is a family run business and when I say family, I mean pets too. Who can resist these adorable eyes?

can do books

Stephanie the owner, is a very capable crafter and takes the time to make projects from the books she stocks to display in the showroom.

I come here if I need: good books, inspiration.


PH. 1300 308 261

driving home ford eco sport

Well that’s all folks! I’m exhausted, what an epic adventure.
I hope I’ve helped you discover some new crafty places to visit and I’d love to hear about any other places I should know about.

I’m sure there are tons.

Originally published Oct 2014 – Fact checked and updated July 2023


  • Libby Boyle says:

    Wow! I’d love for someone to do a write up like this for Sydney. I’m still finding my way around. I’ve found a few good spots but there’s nothing like local knowledge to boost the list of great suppliers.

  • Lynda Worthington says:

    The Great Ocean Road calls! Sand, surf, sun, wind, freedom. Let my worries go just for a short time, and then reminisce with wonderful memories!

  • Maree Colbert says:

    Thanks for sharing all your great fabric stores in Melb. I can’t wait to find them next time I’m down there!

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  • Chantelle Glasson says:

    Lakes Entrance was our fav spot but since the twins doubled the size of our fam, we don’t all fit in our car anymore boohoo! 🙁

  • Anna says:

    MELBOURNE! So I could do the craft store rounds recommended by Cinti (then think up how to use everything on the way home to Queensland!)

  • sue says:

    Love this post! right up my alley! I will be bookmarking this blog to visit again and hope for a road trip some time in the next few weeks! Great job!

  • sue says:

    My favourite place is Hill End in Bathurst. I anm visiting my daughter in a couple of weeks and hope to go there too.

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    Just imagine ! Driving your car along a rainbow, immersing yourself in the vivid colours just shimmering as you roll on by. That’s my ultimate drive !

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    The seafood wine trail around the southern Gold Coast and hinterland and of course stopping at all the little villages for lunch/craft stores.

  • Kirsty says:

    Thanks for all the craft shopping reviews. I see a trip to wondoflex and can do books in my future. The road trip I would like to take is with my mum towards daylesford and all the lovely towns on the way. Not just any road trip, an op shop road trip! We love op shopping, and you can’t beat those little regional towns for op shop bargains.

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    I feel a trip to Mount Martha coming on: swing by the antiques shops nearby, DOC for lunch, and Treehouse Textiles for some fabric soon.

  • Ruth says:

    This is a great list of places to visit. I shall make to effort to visit them and find their hidden gems – especially Yarn Barn! Being a bit of a craft addict I shall really enjoy the adventure! Thanks Cintia.

  • Juanita says:

    You have inspired me to take a road trip around the pennisula, where I live and create a list of amazing places locally!

  • Donna says:

    Ballarat: soak in the history, browse quirky shops, experience the arts, discover treasures in vintage markets and indulge in gourmet food – ticks all my boxes!

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    I’d love to cruise through Sydney to Pitt St Traders for more sewing & trinket delightfulness & finish off crafting in the Blue Mts!

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    I’ve just been down to Byron Bay to one of Jane Davenport’s mixed media workshops. Loved it!

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    A crafting road trip around our local darling downs would be ideal with my mum and my little joy bug!

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    I love this post – the photos of the car – the kid – all of it! You have some cool crafty spots down under. Perhaps I’ll do a similar post for where I live in the states – near San Francisco.

  • Heidi says:

    I would love to take a road trip from melbourne, along the east coast of victoria and then up the coast of nsw to sydney and possibly beyond. I absolutely love road trips!

    Also Great post! The Astoria paper place in balaclava is also good for toy animals to cut open and put succulents in incase anyone was wondering 🙂

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  • Entries are now closed – good luck

  • Beth says:

    I wanna go to a land down under…

  • Thanks for sharing that tip, I haven’t been to the one in Heidelberg.

  • Dawn says:

    Thank you, thank you thank you! I’m originally from the US a place where I used to exclusively shop online and could get anything delivered to my door the next day. Australia has challenged me to really get out there and do some legwork when it comes to finding exactly what I’m looking for. This post is the perfect example of what I’m looking for today (thanks Google!) I’m on the hunt for craft supplies today in Melbourne’s North West. I look forward to reading more of your blog! x Dawn

  • Lee Benz says:

    Jenny Bowker and this Blog have awakened my desire to come to Australia and explore yarns, fabric, crafting and quilting. Bring on your guilds and classes

  • Elva Nieszek says:

    I’m looking for a craft pen, it was sold many years ago on party plan, looks like a large pen with a needle at the end of it to which you thread wool, e.g. the threaded needle is punched into the fabric making a design e.g. a flower. Do you have any idea where I can get one of these?

  • Angela says:

    Thank u very much for this post! I will go to OZ soon and I’m learning to sew. I have been thinking about where can I find fabrics. I’m from Bogotá, Colombia and here we have like 4 towns where u can find a lot of fabrics and accessories stores, I’m a bit dissapointed because I thought there was going to be like that in Melbourne. My favorite town here is La Alquería, where u can find like 10 or 15 blocks full of fabrics and materials for every kind of sewing project. U need always like 3 hours to walk for the stores that must be more than a hundred (no kidding) placed in the same town, take a look:,-74.1350966,3a,75y,12.72h,75.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szBqSp_cfdiugT7Xz9XxXzQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    So u just have to go to the same town to find, basically everything, for sewing.
    I’ll miss that!

    • Wow that sounds amazing. There is a place in Tokyo called fabric town that sounds the same. Sadly it’s not very common to sew here and good fabric can be tricky to find. If you are stuck to find anything in particular when you get to Melbourne just contact me, I’m always happy to help. I speak spanish too, so we can have a nice chat.

  • Bron says:

    You should also visit joelle’s in dingley/springvale south. She’s great!

  • Preeti says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I visited Melbourne in the month of May and your shopping guide was a great help:)

  • patricia says:

    I loved this tour. I hoped you would make this a sort of series, spend more time in one or two shops to show unusual items. Of course, the shops may not allow that, but it would be so interesting to “travel” to another country by way of the internet. Each country has a “look” that is different from one’s own country. I loved reading your thoughts on each shop. Thank you!!

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