About Cintia

About Cintia - My Poppet makes Cintia is the creative mind behind My Poppet Makes, a craft blog that recognises the possibility in the ordinary. Her desire to create, along with her ability to see the potential of an unloved object and give it new life, is the driving force behind Cintia’s inspirational craft tutorials suited to all skill levels, which she has been sharing with readers since 2007.

Cintia tries to avoid working with new products when she can, preferring to re-purpose second hand or vintage finds, and inject history into her creations. This creativity and inventiveness is what readers have come to expect each week when they return for their next dose of inspiration.
About Cintia - My Poppet makes
My Poppet Makes is home to a vast collection of tutorials, which incorporate many disciplines, including crochet, needle felting, paper craft, quilting, digital media, photography and Cintia’s favourite, sewing. Just as she is inspired by the materials she finds, Cintia hopes to encourage and inspire readers of My Poppet Makes to be creative and resourceful.

Cintia’s love of vintage textiles is immediately recognisable in her creations, which are colourful and bold, and sure to brighten up even the most drab space. Her distinct ’70s style has led to recognition and features in a wide range of local and international media including Huffington Post, Elle Interiors, Frankie and Homespun.
About Cintia - My Poppet makes
In a former life, Cintia worked as a pharmacist, before finding her creative outlet in My Poppet. Now, she is a mother to a 7-year-old girl, who inspires many of her creative projects and is no stranger to modelling her mother’s extraordinary creations. Cintia is also a passionate traveller, which has led to her starting a second blog, My Poppet Living, where she shares her stories about trips she’s taken to more than 38 countries, and much more.