3D Paper House Craft – Fairy Tale Village

Print, cut and assemble a cute little 3D paper house craft project, right out of a fairy tale story. The printable template comes complete with a whimsical forest to set the scene.

miniature paper house model on green background

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When I was a little girl I took immense pleasure from my coloring books, paper dolls and 3-D paper craft books.

To this day I’m still that little girl at heart who gets excited about this child friendly merchandise and the paper play that came with it.

During these past few weeks I’ve been busily designing a tribute to the paper fun of my childhood. The result has been a fantasy house design that is clever and cute.

If you’re looking for something to make during your down time, give my fairy tale dream home a go.

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paper craft fairy tale village

Cut, Fold and Assemble this Dreamy 3D Paper House Craft

You will need:


Refer to the legend on the template print as a guide to what to cut and fold.

When cutting the pieces I recommend cutting on or just inside the cutting lines so the printed lines aren’t visible when you’ve finished making this house model.

Colour template version is a large file (20MB) which may take a while to download. Opt for the outline only version for a smaller file size.

How to:

1. Print the three template pages at 100% in colour on thick paper. Cut out the pieces using a combination of a craft knife and scissors.

Alternatively if you want to choose your own colours and details for this project there’s a outline only template available.

Making the house walls:

2. Fold the pieces as per the fold line markings. Make sure to fold the door outward, and all other folds to be inward.

how to make a paper house craft project process steps

3. Glue the doorframe around the door.

4. Gently roll the window cover pieces with your fingers to give a natural curve. Slide the cover tabs into the 90° incisions that are on each wall of the house, above the windows. Tape down the tabs to the blank interior walls of the house.

paper house craft

how to make a paper house craft project process steps

5. Glue the base and side tabs of the house to close the walls and base.

how to make a paper house craft project process steps

paper house craft steps

Making the roof:

6. Applying the reference marker, glue and press the overhang on each side of the rooftop. This will shape the rooftop into a triangular prism.

7. Glue the tabs atop of the house walls. Press the rooftop prism to the tabs to close the house.

8. Beginning with the lowest reference markers on the rooftop glue the roof tiles to the roof. Making sure to line up the long horizontal straight edges to the reference markers on the rooftop. Each side of the rooftop will have four roof tiles pieces. You can attach the roof tiles in any colour order you so desire.

Making the trees:

9. Gently roll the tree tier pieces with your fingers to give a natural curve. Glue the tabs and close the sides of each tier.

10. Glue the inside lower edge of tree tiers 1 and 2.  Gently Stack the tree tiers with tier 1 (the smallest) at the top.

how to make a paper tree assembly

Making the flowers:

11. Push the middle of each flower into a 4 mm circle template using the end of small paintbrush. With the paint brush still pushing the flower into the template hole, press down the flower petals to the template.

12. Glue the back of each flower and decorate the trees as you please.

fairy tale paper house craft

fairy tale village made from paper

paper house craft project - assembles fairy tale house

Melissa is a hyper creative artist, and content creator.

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