Print & Cut: DIY Paper Doll with 5 Outfits

Do you remember playing with paper dolls as a child? They aren’t as easy to come by as they once were so we’ve got a fun DIY Paper Doll with 5 fashion outfits you can print yourself.

Printable Paper doll craft

Paper dolls were originally intended as a tool for the fashion world. Later paper dolls were adopted by children, becoming a cheap play thing during periods of global economic crisis.

If you are nostalgic for some paper doll playtime, or know a kiddo that would enjoy discovering how fun they are to play with, I’ve got great news! I’ve designed a retro inspired paper doll with her very own fashionable wardrobe of 5 outfits that you can print and assemble.

I for one have a special spot for paper dolls. My first set of paper dolls was Jem and the Holograms. Not only did having this paper doll collection mean I had the entire band, but I also had a neat little pile of glamorous clothes, which otherwise would have been out of the budget if I were to collect the 3D doll equivalent. Point being, paper dolls can make dreams come true.

Print and Cut DIY Paper Doll outfits -

You won’t need any special supplies to make your own DIY paper doll, just a printer, some paper and a pair of scissors.

I’d recommend using thicker paper (or thin card) to make the base doll so it can stand nicely on its own. But if you can’t get hold of any, just use regular paper for the whole lot.

The design is already pre-coloured so you can get to playing straight away.

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Print and Cut Your Own DIY Paper Doll

Print and Cut Paper Doll -

You will need:

  • 1 x 300gsm paper (thin card)
  • 1 x 80gsm paper (regular printer paper)
  • Paper Scissors
  • Art knife and cutting board
  • Sticky tape or washi tape

How to:

1. Print the DIY paper doll template at 100%. The template consists of 2 pages. Page 1 is the doll with base, Page 2 includes 5 fashion outfits. Specifically print Page 1 onto 300gsm paper. Print Page 2 onto standard 80gsm printing paper.

Print and Cut Paper Doll -

2. With paper scissors, cut along the outer boundary lines of both the paper doll and her outfits. When cutting around the finer parts you may wish to use an art knife and cutting board. Be careful not to accidentally cut the tabs off the clothing as this is what holds the clothing onto the doll.

Print and Cut Paper Doll -

3. Curve the paper doll base, bringing the short ends together. This will create the stand so the doll will stand up by herself.

Print and Cut Paper Doll -

4. Tape the side ends of the paper doll base together securely.

Print and Cut DIY Paper Doll -

5. Place the outfits over the paper doll and fold the tabs to the back.

Print and Cut Paper Doll -

6. You will want to store your gorgeous paper doll clothing in an envelope or pouch. I recommend making your own eye-popping envelope from a magazine cover.

Print and Cut diy Paper Doll -

Print and Cut DIY Paper Doll -


Printable DIY paper doll with outfits -

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