How To: Tossing Bean Bags

I used to love playing with bean bags as a child, they are great to practice throwing, catching and balancing. You can make your own from materials lying about, here’s how…You will need:
Some fabric scraps (medium weight fabric is best)
Filling (beans, popping corn, rice, aquarium gravel or plastic pellets)
Sewing machine, iron, scissors, thread, paper

How to:
Cut your fabric into rectangular/square shapes double the size of your desired size when folded in half. A bean bag no bigger than about the size of your hand is ideal, remember it’s for little hands.

A. Fold in half, right side in and stitch around 2 sides leaving one side open for turning. Use a 1cm seam. I recommend double stitching using a small stitch. Trim corners to remove bulk.
B. Turn inside out and press in a 1cm fold, this will help later
C. Use a paper cone to help with filling. About 2/3 full is ideal
D. Double stitch opening closed
E. All Done!

Hints & Variations:
Make bags in different sizes, colours or fabric textures
Add lavender or some essential oil to filling for some aromatic play
If you use food items for filling, store in a cool dry place away from pest attack

Walk, hop, run with them balancing on head, shoulders, elbow etc…
Throw and catch
Throw into pots or baskets
Knock over plastic bottles
The options are endless….

I’d love you to share your game ideas…Have fun!

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