DIY Jacks Pouch – Kids sewing project

DIY jacks knucklebone pouch kids sewing tutorial
I’m away in Japan this week so today I’m handing over the crafty reins to the very lovely Trixi Symonds, author of a new craft book for kids Sew Together Grow Together. Trixi has created a cute and practical little kids sewing project just for My Poppet, it’s a pouch to keep your Jacks in.

Some of you may know the game as ‘knucklebones’. I loved playing Jacks as a kid, and was delighted when Trixi suggested it as a project.
Here is Trixi to show you how easy it is to make…

When I was in primary school playground games alternated between skipping, elastics, hoola hoops and jacks…but jacks was a favorite.

Times may have changed but the fun of having a little game to carry around hasn’t. This pouch can be made by Mum or Dad as a gift for their child, and of course, older children can make it by themselves.

This is an easy sewing project for kids that can be made with just basic craft supplies. If you don’t have fabric at home, you can also use 2 handkerchiefs in place of the fabric squares.

Some more kids sewing craft project ideas:

Kids can sew a Little Fabric Pouch

Jacks pouch DIY finished - childrens sewing pattern

You will need:

  • Two 6 ½” x 6 ½” different coloured squares of fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Velcro dots

How to make an envelope pouch:

1. Place the 2 pieces of fabric one on top of the other with their right sides facing together.

Jacks pouch step 1

2. Draw a 6” square on the top piece of fabric. This is your sewing line.

3. Use a running stitch to sew around the square and leave a 2” turning gap.

jacks pouch step 2

4. Trim 1/8” from your sewing line.

Jacks pouch step 3

5. Turn right side out and iron flat.

Jacks pouch step 4

6. Over-stitch the turning gap closed.

7. Fold 3 corners of the square into the centre making an envelope. Iron flat.

Jacks pouch step 5

8. Overstitch together the edges where the triangles of the envelope meet.

Jacks pouch step 6 - - kids sewing project

9. Fold the body of the envelope in half and stick on your Velcro dots.

Jacks pouch step 7

All done! Time to play some Jacks.

Kids sewing Jacks pouch DIY finished - sewing for kids project

Have fun, Trixi.

Trixi SymondsTrixi Symonds is a teacher and author from Sydney, Australia. She has been designing and teaching craft and hand sewing projects for kids for the past 20 years. For more easy to sew projects you might want to have a look at her new book “Sew Together Grow Together”. You can take a quick look inside the book HERE. You can find Trixi blogging at


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