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DIY bunny rabbit bunting Easter printable mypoppet.com.au
Remember the Bunny Takeaway Box DIY and printable I created the other week? It was such a cute easy project that I thought it would be fun to expand on it and use the printable design in a few different ways leading up to Easter. The idea was to think outside the box (gettit!) and encourage you to get creative with a simple printable motif, in this case our cute little bunnies.

I’ll be showing you four projects that you and the kids can easily make over the coming week, and also a clever little trick that will help you resize this (or any other printable page) to make four cute Easter themed projects.

Today I’ll show you how to make a simple Bunny Garland…

You will need:

Bunny Rabbit Printable 4 copies printed at 50% or 2 on each page = 8 faces all up. (I’ll show you a trick to do this)
A4 size card or thick paper
Hole punch
Yarn or string

How to:

bunny head easter printableprinter settings bunting preview mac

  1. Print out Bunny faces onto card at 50% size. If you have a Mac open in Preview and use the option ‘copies per page’= 2 (I’m not sure if there is a PC/windows equivalent to this)
  2. Cut out faces close to black line.
  3. Punch one hole in each ear.
  4. Thread yarn through holes, adding a little bit of tape to the end of the yarn will make it easier.


bunny bunting diy with printable
And that’s all there is to it!
The kids will love cutting out the cute bunny faces and threading them together. It’s a fun way to keep them entertained over the holidays as well as working on their fine motor skills. If they really want to get creative let them colour in the faces.
DIY bunny rabbit bunting Easter printable mypoppet.com.au

My model isn’t well known for keeping still, so a wiggly blurry photo will just have to do!
DIY bunny rabbit bunting Easter printable mypoppet.com.au


Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming Easter projects I’ll be sharing this coming week…
four easter printable craft projects DIY


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