Easter Craft: Happy Bunny Easter Card

Easter bunny card diy

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Easter is nearly upon us, only a few more sleeps before Mrs Bunny comes to visit.

If you’ve been a bit disorganised and haven’t had time to make or buy a gift, here is a quick and easy last minute project that you can whip up in just a few minutes.

Make this Easter Greeting Card with scraps of pretty gift wrapping paper. You can even use vintage wallpaper or pieces of fabric to make it really unique. I’ve included the bunny face printable and instructions for resizing.

You will need:

How to make a cute Bunny Easter Card:

bunny head easter printable

printer settings bunting preview mac

1. Print out Bunny faces onto card at 50% size. If you have a Mac open in Preview and use the option ‘copies per page’= 2 (I’m not sure if there is a PC/windows equivalent to this)

2. Cut out face close to black line.

easter card diy

3. Trace front of card onto back of wrapping paper.

4. Cut paper to size and glue on to front of card.

5. Cut 6 small pieces of tape and double them up to make 3 thicker adhesive pads. Attach to back of bunny face, one on each ear and one in center of face.

6. Stick firmly onto card in center.

7. Draw a little ‘Happy Easter’ sign on a scrap of card, cut out and stick with a double layer on tape.

8. Add a cheerful Easter greeting and you are all done!

easter card finished

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Feel free to print as many copies of my cute bunny printable as you need, but I’ve created it for personal use only, so please do not sell or redistribute this file. If you would like to share this tutorial/printable, please link back to this tute page and not the download page. Thanks for understanding 🙂

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