Bunny Takeaway Box with Printable

DIY printable takeaway takeout box
Easter has got to be one of my favourite holidays, not only is choc-o-block full of chocolate and other delicious edibles, it’s the perfect excuse to make super cute crafty things. The spring inspired colours are pretty (even thought it’s autumn here) and everyone loves a bunny!
This week I’ve created a Bunny Takeaway Box and printable. This project is quick and inexpensive to make, and is ideal as a gift when filled with eggs, toys or baked treats. They would also make a cute alternative to a basket for an Easter Egg Hunt.

You will need:

(Makes 2)
Bunny Rabbit Printable
A4 size card or thick paper
2 x Medium sized takeaway (takeout) boxes (available at party supply stores)
2 x Pink pom poms
Double sided tape
bunny printable Easter rabbit
bunny printable mypoppet

How to:

easter bunny basket printable craft
1. Print bunny heads onto card, use ‘scale to fit’ for correct sizing.
2. Cut out close to black line
3. Attach to takeaway box with double sided tape.
4. Tape pom pom onto back of box.
5. Fill with Easter treats!
basket takeout box filled with easter treats eggs
They are adorable, and that pom pom tail is so cute!
Cute bunny box with pom pom tail printable
girl holding an easter bunny basket
What will you fill yours with?

Feel free to print as many copies of my cute bunny printable as you need, but I’ve created it for personal use only, so please do not sell or redistribute this file. If you would like to share this tutorial/printable, please link back to this tute page and not the download page. Thanks for understanding 🙂


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