Scented Mini Bunny Pillow

Mini bunny face pillows filled with lavender - make a lovely Easter gift

I’ve been tidying up my sewing room and came across a tin full of pastel toned paper pieced hexies that never made it into my Hexagon Table Runner.

All those pretty vintage florals got me thinking about Easter themed crafting, and after having a little play with the hexagon shapes, these cute little bunnies hopped right out at me.

These Mini Bunny Pillows are fun to hand stitch and can be made with the smallest of fabric scraps.

If you’d like them to scent your drawers or wardrobe, include some dried lavender to make them smell just as sweet as they look.

They would make a great Easter gift that lasts all year round, add a pin to the back to turn your mini bunny in to a wearable brooch.

You will need:

supplies required to make mini bunny pillow

  • Fabric scraps large enough to make 4 hexies
  • Hexagon template (available here with making instructions)
  • Matching thread and sewing needle
  • Dark embroidery floss (stranded) and embroidery needle
  • Erasable fabric marker
  • Stuffing or cotton wool
  • Dried lavender (optional)
  • Felt flower embellishment
  • General sewing supplies

How to:

Make 4 hexie shapes as directed in this post – Paper Pieced Hexies + Template
2 x light colour for face
2 x bright colour for ears


making bunny ears

A. Press hexagon shapes with an iron to mark edges.

B. Remove papers.

C. Fold in half as shown and pin.

D. Whip stitch 2 edges shown on photo C. Set aside.


steps for making bunny face part 1

1. Press hexies but keep papers in.

2 & 3. With right sides together, whip stitch around the 3 sides shown joining the hexies together. The smaller the stitches the neater the final result.

4. Remove papers and turn right side out.

5. Draw on face with erasable marker. Make a little Y shape for the nose and 2 dots next to the top of the Y for eyes.

6. Embroider face with 3 strands of floss. See stitching guide below.

embroider face, steps

Start with left eye, make 3 small stitches, then nose, finishing with right eye and secure.

mini bunny pillow

Final Assembly

7. Stuff with small amount of stuffing, add lavender if desired.

8. Here is where the ears will join.

9. Flip the ear towards the back and join using whip stitch. Make sure you catch all the four layers.

10. Work around the top of the head and join the other ear.

11. Bend the ears forward and secure in place with a couple of small stitches. The best spot to do this is where the arrow is pointing.

12. Erase marker lines with water and sew on felt flower.

cute mini bunny pillows and scented lavender sachet

These cute mini can be attached to coat hangers, just add a ribbon or safety pin to the back. They will certainly brighten up your wardrobe.

Scented bunny sachet on coat hanger

Go and dig out those left over hexies and fabric scraps from quilting projects, and make a heap of these for family and friends. I bet you won’t stop at just one.


  • ga447 says:

    Perfect idea for Easter, I have lots of hexies.

  • Melanie Miles says:

    There weren’t any pictures to view when I received your post today.
    I’m a “visual learner”. Can this post be “re-sent” to me please with pics attached?? I’d sincerely appreciate it!
    Thanks so much!
    A Southern Gal from the USA!

  • sharyn says:

    what adorable little bunnies..i love them. Thankyou for sharing xo

  • Michelle says:

    These are sooo cute.
    I’m sure my little granddaughter would love a few of these at Easter time (actually I can see some on my own hangers as well!)
    I better get out some of my vintage fabrics and get sewing.I was thinking maybe even some recycled little embroidery pieces for the ears could be nice.

  • Cat says:

    These are adorable and might help me use up my spare hexies.

  • Brenda says:

    Thank-you so much for the cute bunny tutorial. I just cut out my hexies and cannot wait to start my bunny.

  • Cassi says:

    So sweet! What a great little addition to an Easter basket! I’ll be featuring your idea on The Crafty Crow soon!

  • Kris says:

    Hello! I LOVE these! Did you do the weaving on the hangers too? I haven’t found a lot of tutorials for the plastic lace weaving but I am dead keen to make some up x

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