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There’s something about Easter that brings the crafty side out of everyone, even those that may not enjoy crafting at other times of the year.

Best easter amazon buys - - easter craft supplies

Maybe it’s the nostalgia of making Easter bonnets for a parade as a child, or decorating eggs with a loved one.

Or maybe it’s just that whoever volunteers to put the Easter hampers together for the school raffle can sneak a stray chocolate egg or two with their morning tea!

No matter what the reason, I’m all for it. Bring on Easter and let’s get crafting!

I’ve noticed that some of you have been purchasing lots of Easter craft supplies through my US Amazon links – thanks for that! It earns me a small commission at no extra cost to you, but also gives me insights into the things you enjoy making. (All the data is anonymized so don’t fret.)

I love checking out what you’ve bought and imagining the awesome things you are crafting.

So inspired by what’s trending I’ve put together an essential list of the Best Easter Craft Supplies on Amazon to get your Easter crafting started.

I also added project ideas and suggestions for ways to use your Easter craft supplies in the descriptions.

Sadly these products are only available to US buyers as won’t ship to Australia anymore – I’m still upset about all the hard-to-get supplies that I no longer have access to. But if you live in the United States, you’ll love this list I’ve put together.

Here are some Easter craft projects ideas to make with items on this shopping list:

easter craft supplies shopping list amazon

Best Easter Craft Supplies on Amazon

Easter is a fantastic time of year to get your craft on! You don't need expensive craft supplies to make interesting and unique Easter craft projects and gifts. I've rounded up my favourite Easter craft supplies found on Amazon (US) to get your creativity flowing. Click on the 'Continue reading' buttons to take you to the products - Affiliate links.

Are you making Easter Baskets, Dying Eggs or just planning on eating lots of chocolate this Easter?



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