12 Mother’s Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

There’s nothing more special than receiving a gift on Mother’s Day morning made with love by little hands. Sure, said gifts aren’t always very elegant, or super practical, but we hold onto them for years, because that’s just what we mums do.

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My own mother still has a wall hanging with my sister’s hand and foot print hanging on her bedroom wall. It’s been there since 1980, and for a long time I couldn’t understand why she’d kept it up all those years – but now that I’m a mum, I totally get it.

Of course it’s not really a surprise to receive a gift that you’ve ‘facilitated’ the making of yourself, so if you are an auntie, friend, nanna, teacher or dad, maybe you can help the kids make one of these gifts for their mum.

I’ve tried to find projects that are somewhat practical and can be used or displayed for a while down the track. It’s very empowering for kids to see that you value something that they’ve created for you, and of course half the fun is the look of pride on their face when they hand over your gift.

Child's hand with blue paint on palm and fingers

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

My favourite Mother’s Day gifts kids can make are ones where a moment in time is captured. A little hand print, or drawing – things that change so quickly as they get older.

This week’s challenge

Organise a playdate with your sister or best friend’s kids and and have a gift making crafternoon. Here are some easy Mother’s Day gift craft projects that you can make together.

12 Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make – And they’re useful too!

Here are 12 easy 'Kid Made' gift ideas that will be cherished by mothers for years to come. Most require only basic craft supplies to make and just a little bit of guidance from an adult to complete.

This post was originally published May 2018 – Updated with new content April 2021


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