16 Easy to Crochet Granny Square Cardigan Patterns

A great collection of Granny Square Cardigan Patterns available for instant download so you can get crocheting straight away Collage of images - granny square crochet cardigan patterns

It’s true that in fashion, everything comes back into style eventually, so you may have noticed that crochet garments and accessories are having a bit of a moment right now.

Crochet clothing was super trendy in the 70s, crochet tops, tunics, skirts, pants and shorts were all the rage. Even the crochet bikini had its moment. I still can’t see how a crochet bikini is practical, but things were different back then I guess.

If your a crafty gal like me, you wont need much prompting to get out the hooks and start crocheting. I love a bit of 70s style, and unlike the crochet bikini, a crochet granny square cardigan is something I love to wear.

woman wearing crochet granny square cardigan

I made this granny square cardigan last year which includes basic layout instructions.

Granny square cardigans are an easy to crochet garment. If you can crochet a basic granny square, you can make a cardigan! 

If you are keen to crochet a granny square cardigan of your own, I’ve gathered a really interesting collection of patterns to inspire you.

Collage of images - granny square crochet cardigan patterns

All of the downloadable crochet patterns include detailed instructions for how to make a granny square. You’ll find basic squares to more intricate designs that include flower motifs or mandalas. There is even a granny square cardigan that actually starts as 2 hexagon shapes and magically fold into a jacket shape.

I’ve also included patterns for cardigan variations like, hooded coats, bomber jackets and cropped bolero jackets.

16 Granny Square Cardigan Patterns to instantly download

Browse this collection of Granny Square crochet cardigan patterns to gather inspiration for your next wearable crochet project.

I've listed some of the best patterns on Etsy which are available for instant download so you can get started straight away.

There is something here for everyone, no matter you style or size.

All of these patterns have great reviews, come in multiple sizes and have some interesting features beyond the basic granny square cardigan.


  • Adrienne says:

    Lovely patterns and so nice to see real women modelling them.

  • Lori Kahn says:

    Thanks for putting this collection of granny square sweaters together. I have pinned a lot of them in the past and say one day I’ll make one of these. But your collection has spurred me on to really take the hook in hand and start! Glad you posted again. I’ve missed your brightness!

  • JODIE says:

    Nice round up! My teenagers want crochet cardigans thanks to Harry Styles. The Katie Jones Kahlo one is a big one in my wardrobe.

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