What's it like getting a mammogram

Ladies! It’s time to get your boobs checked

During my last visit to the GP, my doctor mentioned that maybe it was time to book in a Breast Screen. She suggested that even though I wasn’t 50 yet, it was probably a good idea to get a mammogram just so we’d have something to compare my future scans to down the track. A ‘boob baseline’ if you will….

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What you need to know before joining the gym

10 things no one tells you when you join the gym

I’ve joined the gym – A sentence that I thought would never cross my lips. Even more surprised are my friends who are still in shock – apparently I’m the last person that they ever thought would actively seek out physical activity. To be honest, I’m still a little confused by the whole thing myself. The catalyst for this fitness…

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Digital detox

My Digital Detox Month – The Verdict

Well that was a well needed break! I’ve been putting off writing this post for fear of falling back into hold habits, the lure of the world wide web is strong and hard to shake. Not being slavishly glued to the internet has cleared some head space and helped me look at why I was feeling like things were getting…

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digital detox - Screen free september

Screen Free September – Time for a digital detox

I spend too much time looking at a screens; phone screens, computer screens, iPad screens, by the time I get to bed at night my eyes actually hurt. In fact they still hurt when I wake up in the morning. It’s getting a little bit overwhelming so I’ve decided that I’m going to have a little break from it all…

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