Top 5 things to do with Kids in Greenwich

London with Kids – Top 5 Reasons to visit Greenwich

It’s been a while since Emma and I visited London, almost two years in fact. But because we were there for three whole weeks, we actually did a ton of fun stuff that I never got around to blogging about. In the next few months I’ll be sharing more about our past travels around the globe (and locally), because not…

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notting hill portobello road

A Day Out in London – Portobello Road, Notting Hill

Notting Hill, famous for it’s market on Portobello road, colourful houses and many movie appearances where it plays a strong supporting roll. If you’ve seen the movies Notting Hill, About A Boy, Sliding Doors, Love Actually and Paddington, you’ll get a strong sense of déjà vu, like you’ve possibly been here before. It was our last Sunday in London and…

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A Day out at Columbia rd FLower Market London - Travel Guide

A Day Out in London – Columbia Road Flower Market

If you ever find yourself in London on a Sunday, I’d highly recommend a visit to the Columbia rd Flower Market. We spent a delightful morning there on our recent trip to London and it was one of the highlights of our visit. It was a lovely sunny morning and we headed off early to avoid the crowds, at 9am,…

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London Street art Photo Journal

Street Art in London – A Visual Diary

Street Art isn’t the first thing one associates with London, but it has one of the biggest (and best) collections of ‘uncommissioned’ street art in the world. It’s like an open air art gallery for the people. The artwork is really diverse and you can find it all over the city. It was one of the highlights of our stay…

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Tips for travelling on the London Tube My Poppet LIVING

Top Tips for Travelling the London Tube

One of my favourite things about London is it’s iconic underground train network known as The Tube. Even though regular commuters may complain about over crowding during peak times or occasional cancellations, it’s really one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world moving over 1.2 billion (with a b) passengers a year. Although London’s buses are my…

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My Poppet visits London - Highlights

My Poppet visits London

Emma and I are back from our three week adventure in London, there is so much to share that I don’t even know where to start. My plan of blogging on the road failed miserably as our days were jam packed, and thanks to jet lag for the first week of the trip, we both crashed from exhaustion before the…

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London Flatlay

London Calling

It’s only three more sleeps before I jet off to London with Emma in tow. To say we are excited about this trip is quite the understatement! We will be there for three weeks, yes, three whole weeks in one place because I really want to settle in and get a feel for the city. There is so much of…

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