My Poppet visits London

tickety boo note book
Emma and I are back from our three week adventure in London, there is so much to share that I don’t even know where to start. My plan of blogging on the road failed miserably as our days were jam packed, and thanks to jet lag for the first week of the trip, we both crashed from exhaustion before the sun was even down.

London in Summer is magical. We were so lucky to have clear skies for most of our stay, I’d never spent any time in London during the summertime and the city just seems to transform into a happier version of itself when the sun comes out. The days were so long, much longer than summer in Australia, and some evenings it was still bright till after 9pm.
My Poppet visits London - Highlights

merry go round
Emma was a great travelling companion and although there were some compromises for both of us, we both really enjoyed each others company. It was fun to experience London through a kid’s eyes, it turns out that there are ice-cream trucks and playgrounds on practically every corner.
Canal Boat Regents Canal London

tower bridge
So here is small collection of snapshots from our trip in no particular order. London is not known for being a particularly colourful city, but I was smitten with the well tended window boxes overflowing with flowers and the brightly painted front doors all lined up like soldiers in the rows of terrace houses the city is famous for. I think the doors and window boxes deserve their very own post.
My Poppet visits London - Changing of the Guard
scotch eggs borough market london

black cab London
We stayed in a one bedroom flat in Barnsbury for the first half of our trip, and then with a friend in Greenwich for the rest of our stay. If was a nice contrast spending time both north and south of the Thames, each area has it’s own distinct persona and history.

pineapple flowers

notting hill London
Some highlights: street markets with food stalls, getting the front seat on the top deck of a double decker bus, stumbling on recognisable locations from movies, catching up with old and new friends, eating lots of English strawberries (so much nicer than the ones at home), long conversations with Emma, wandering and exploring beyond the tourist bus route.
A to Z map london

Street art east london

So now it’s actually 4am and we are both wide awake – jet lag is a bitch. Want to sleep, can’t sleep!
I’ll be sharing more detailed stories about our experiences over the next couple of months, if you have any specific questions you’d like answered, just leave a comment and I’ll answer it in a post.