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Emma’s birthday always sneaks up on me. It’s usually around the same time as Easter so all the chocolate bunny hoopla tends to be quite a distraction. I always have the best intentions for organizing a proper party and actually inviting her little friends, but alas, between school holidays and the Easter break, it never happened.

Luckily for Emma, her aunts, cousins, and grandparents kept calling me to find out ‘what time they should come over for the party?’, so like it or not, I had to throw a party!

So what does a time poor mum do when she needs a little birthday party theme inspiration? Get out the old Women’s Weekly Birthday cake book and hit Pinterest of course!

Emma helped decide the theme by choosing her birthday cake from the Vintage copy of the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book

, Women's Weekly Birthday cake book

It’s a classic, and I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t have fond memories of pouring over the pages of that book as a kid. Emma spent a whole day deliberating, but finally settled on the Number 4 cake, she was turning four after all.

Number 4 cake

With a floral cake comes a floral themed party, so I gathered some ideas onto a Pinterest board and that’s how it all came together. See the Flower Garden Birthday Party Pinterest board

Big crepe paper flowers

The local party shop had a colourful butterfly garland for $2.95 (or make your own butterfly garland), another couple of dollars worth of crepe paper for a table runner and to make these giant flowers which doubled as party favours. Some pretty serviettes and the table was set.

Paper butterfly garland

Giant crepe paper flowers

As you can see, we had one super excited four year old on our hands. She couldn’t wait for the guests to arrive.

girl looking under gate

I tried to keep the food simple and healthy. On the menu were a ton of finger sandwiches (mum made those – she is famous for them), Devilled eggs (Emma loves these – recipe here), veggie flowers, scones with jam and cream, and the cake of course. (Oh and the Mr made a bowl of chips!)

Garden party food

Vegetable flowers

The veggie flowers were directly inspired by this pin, I added a little cube of cheese so they could stand.
They were a big hit with the kids.

girl eating veggie flowers

devilled eggs recipe

I’ve used my Classic Devilled Eggs recipe and sat them on a bed of rocket to make it look like a garden bed.

The Cake

Number 4 shaped cake

The cake used a basic recipe out of the Women’s weekly cake book. Between the cake and the frosting I used half a kilo (1lb) of butter! Certainly not diet food. You could use any cake that holds it’s shape well as a base.
I’ve included a cutting diagram to make the number 4 from a square cake.

How to cut a number 4 cake mypoppet.com.au

The flowers are made from marshmallows cut in half with scissors and dipped in sprinkles. Pop a pink smartie/m&m in the center. If you want a thinner more delicate petal, cut the marshmallow into 3 slices.

How to make a marshmallow flower

Emma was so please with her cake, she still talks about it.
Lots of fun was had by all, and we adopted out first My Little Pony into the family.

girl in pink with my little pony

All that was left for me to do was clean up, and by clean up I mean eat the rest of the leftover cake!

half eaten cake

See the Flower Garden Birthday Party Pinterest Board for more party ideas

Do you still remember your childhood birthday cakes?

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  • cecylia says:

    YUM!! Well done on creating such a special birthday party- happy 4th birthday to Emma!!! Thanks for sharing the cake cutting moulds too!

  • Brigitte says:

    CUTE! I was getting all excited as I thought I could do the four for my daughter but then I realised she’s turning FIVE in September. Doh! Yep, we did the Ponies at Christmas time and they are a HIT along with Zelf’s! I’ve taken some ideas from here ready for my daughters (always last minute) five year old birthday. Thank you.

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      You can still decorate the 5 cake the same way, I’ll send you a snap of how to cut out a number five if you like.

  • Pramita says:

    Wonderful cake indeed…how many inches was the square cake?

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