Hey Mickey!

Five kids in a row
Being a blogger is the best job I’ve ever had, sure it doesn’t pay that well but sometimes you get a chance to do something pretty fun. I was offered a family pass to see Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show, and the opportunity to meet the most famous mouse in the world. I’m not normally star struck by celebrities, but I must admit, I’ve wanted to meet Mickey Mouse since I was Emma’s age, so I really was very excited. Oh yeah, the kids were pretty excited too.
We went along with Rachel and the Sesame Ellis crew, and I also brought along my niece, Baby Eva, so five kids in total. Eva just kept pointing to her t-shirt and saying “Mickey”, she is a fan too.

It was so lovely for Emma and Eva to have a day out together, because we live on opposite sides of town, the cousins don’t hang out nearly enough.
two cousins Mickey mouse fansphoto credit: Rachel Devine

Child attemting a handstand wearing a yellow mickey mouse t-shirt
I must say that my niece Eva is so super adorable, she nearly stole the show. But once the house lights went down, all eyes were on Mickey and Minnie. Those two are just superstars and really know how to have fun on stage.

Emma loves Jesse the Cowgirl, so it was a real treat to see her perform. The show was a lot of fun and had us all dancing in our seats. It’s awesome that all the Disney stars have come all the way from Disneyland just to perform here in Australia. You can check out the rest of the tour dates here www.disneylive.com.au
Mickeys rockin roadshow
Mickey and Minnie mouse with My Poppet family
And guess what? My childhood wish finally came true, I met THE Mickey Mouse! It’s so nice to have a lovely photo to share with the girls when they get older. Mickey and Minnie have some real presence, you can tell that they are truly superstars, and I must say they’re looking great for their age. I did get a little bit ‘fan girl’ and had to be ushered along by the Disney team, I really felt like a kid up there.
baby asleep with a comforter and pacifierBut all the excitement was a little too much for one little girl who I’m sure was dreaming about princesses and yodeling cowgirls.

Have you ever had a brush with celebrity?


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