Boring Sushi Rolls be gone! 7 New Sushi Trends you must try

Do you love sushi, but find a regular old hand roll just doesn’t cut it anymore? Well I’ve rounded up the most novel sushi alternatives for your consideration.

Sushi Burrito

Swap a tortilla for nori and you have a super sized sushi roll with all your favourite fillings in one. It looks health, tasty and super satisfying. Where has the sushi burrito been all my life?!

Sushi Cake

Not a cake made to look like sushi, but a cake made of actual sushi ingredients. Perfect to share with sushi loving friends, or to make for a sushi loving friend as a birthday treat. This one would be super easy to make at home, just use a cake tin as a mould.

How about adding Sushi Candy to the menu for a real Sushi Party treat!

Sushi Pizza

I’m still not sure about this fast food mashup. Variations on the sushi pizza theme include using a grilled rice base with assorted fresh toppings (tasty), to whacking raw fish on a regular cheese pizza base (not so appealing).


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Sushi Burger

Is it just me or is the whole concept of a sushi burger kind of genius? Sure it’s probably more suited to eating with a knife and fork than with your hands, but it’s a fun alternative to a regular burger. I just want to know if it still comes with fries.


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Sushi Sandwich

Super lunchbox friendly, the sushi sandwich is an easy to make alternative to the sushi hand roll. No bamboo mat required. The kids will love this alternative to a vegemite sandwich.

If you aren’t a fan of rice, swap it out for soft bread to make these Sushi Sandwich Rolls – perfect as a lunchbox snack.


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Sushi Doughnut

Super hot in vegan circles at the moment, the sushi doughnut is a fun idea but to be honest I prefer a real doughnut. Although the doughnut with the face looks pretty cute.


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Cute Sushi

If you want to win at the high stakes game of competitive lunchbox packing, you need to up your game and bring out the big guns – Cute Sushi. Check out youtube for amazingly complicated tutorials. The hand rolls at my local sushi joint look so disappointing compared to these.


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Are you inspired to expand your sushi horizons? Which new take on sushi looks most appealing?

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