A very Harry Potter Gift Guide – Accio Christmas Gift Ideas!

Accio Christmas gift ideas! I present My Poppet’s Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide. If you’ve got a muggle in your life that is Wizarding World obsessed, I’ve got some great gift ideas that will delight them.

Harry Potter Gift Guide - mypoppet.com.au

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There is something here for everyone – every Potter loving kid, teen or adult will love every one of these gifts.

As you may already know, I’m the parent of a Harry Potter obsessed kiddo. This year Emma’s Christmas wish list to Santa is heavy with Harry Potter toys, books and collectible requests.

I’m always spotting cool Harry Potter gift ideas, so I’ve done the hard work and collected some of the coolest, quirkiest and novel finds from all over the internet.

In the past few months since Emma’s Harry Potter Birthday Party there has been a new wave of Wizarding World products released which has been really exciting to see.

With the advent of the new Fantastic Beasts movie, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play hitting the stage in Melbourne soon, the air is electric with buzz around all things Harry Potter.

This Harry Potter gift guide has something in every price range starting from stocking stuffers and small gifts all under $15, to the ultimate life-size chess set to transform your backyard into a giant Wizarding Chess board.

It’s not all licensed and branded products, I’ve also included quite a few Harry Potter themed products from indie makers and designers and a few charity gift ideas too.

Many, but not all, of these links are affiliate links – that means I make a small commission from each sale at no extra cost to you. 

Are you a US reader? I’ve included links to US sellers if the featured seller doesn’t ship internationally. Amazon USA links are in brackets. 

Harry Potter Gift Guide – Books to Read & Colour

Fill up your shelves with some of the gorgeous new illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books. The artwork in these books is just stunning. The first 3 books are currently available in large format full-colour illustrated form, as is a new copy of Fantastic Beasts as Where to find them. The original inspiration for the current series of movies.

For kids that enjoy colouring, the new Harry Potter coloring book will keep them entertained. Emma has this one and she loves tracing and colouring her favourite characters and scenes.

Older fans will appreciate a copy of the limited edition 20th anniversary series in their house colour. You can choose from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide - mypoppet.com.au

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Special Illustrated Edition

2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Special Illustrated Edition

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Special Illustrated Edition

4. Harry Potter Colouring Book

5. Harry Potter Series – 20th Anniversary House Colour Editions

Harry Potter Gift Guide – Toys & Games – Let’s Play!

There is a plethora of Harry Potter themed toys, gadgets, puzzles and games to choose from. Emma has been salivating over the new LEGO releases which are flying off the shelves as fast as a Golden Snitch!

She has put a request in to her nanna for the Newt’s Creatures suitcase LEGO set which folds out into a magical creatures zoo, then packs away into a suitcase just like in the movie. Very clever.

My top picks are the Kano Coding Wand which teaches kids to write computer code to create their own spells with the flick of a wand – Educational and fun! I also love the new Mattel Harry Potter Character Dolls which are beautifully made and look amazing in real life. I’m a bit partial to the Prof. McGonagall one, her robes are spot on!

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide Play Toys- mypoppet.com.au

6. Harry Potter LEGO Quidditch Set(US link here)

7. Fantastic Beasts LEGO Magical Creatures Suitcase Play Set(US link here)

8. Harry Potter Playing Cards(US link here)

9. The Maurauder’s Map Jigsaw Puzzle

10. Mattel Harry Potter Character Dolls(US link here)

11. Harry Potter CLUEDO Board Game(US link here)

12. Kano Coding Wand(US link here)

13. Remote Control Flying Golden Snitch

14. Giant Chess Set(US link here)

Harry Potter Gift Guide – Brighten up the Common Room

Tweens and Teens will appreciate this understated Harry Potter bedroom decor. We all need this reminder once in a while – Don’t let the muggles get you down! Words to live by.

15. Don’t let the Muggles Get you Down – Quilt Cover Set(US link here)

16. Hogwarts Crest Mirror(US link here)

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide - mypoppet.com.au

Harry Potter Gift Guide – Charity Gifts

It’s not all about receiving gifts, the spirit of Christmas is about giving. Consider giving friends and family a charity gift this year – Harry Potter fans may appreciate adopting an endangered owl at Zoos Victoria, the gift of ‘LUMOS’ providing solar lamps in refugee camps, or sending a girl to school (not Hogwarts unfortunately).

17. World Vision Gift – Solar Light

18. Care Australia Gift – Send a Girl to School

19. Victoria Zoos – Adopt an Owl

Harry Potter Gift Guide – The coolest threads this side of Diagon Alley

I don’t really go for clothing with heavy branding so I’ve rounded up my favourite clothing and accessory picks that give a subtle nod to the Potter fandom.

Know someone who would love their own personalised Weasley sweater on Christmas morning? This Etsy seller takes custom orders. You could also commission one from a family member or neighbour who knits made with this knitting pattern.

This colourful Honeydukes tote bag would make a great library book bag, and the Hedwig owl wing scarf is so cool.

Big W has lots of cool Harry Potter stuff this year – head in-store for those.

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide Gifts to wear- mypoppet.com.au

20. Honeydukes Tote Bag

21. Vintage Book Cover t-shirt – (US link here)

22. Luna Lovegood Pendant(US Link here)

23. Harry Potter Girls Hogwarts Dress(US link here)

24. Custom Knit Weasley Sweater

25. Hedwig Wing Scarf(US link here)

26. Girls Harry Potter Character T-shirt

27. Harry Potter Back Pack

28. Slytherin Kids Thongs

Harry Potter Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers under $15

Lastly I’ve rounded up some really fun small gifts and stocking stuffers, all under $15. Who wouldn’t love a bit of Felix Felicis – Liquid Luck potion in their stocking?

There are tons of very quirky, inexpensive and practical gifts to choose from. I particularly like the sorting hat bath bomb that changes your bath to which ever house you are chosen for, the Hogwarts Express Ticket travel card holder and Jelly Belly chocolate wands (because chocolate!)

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide under $15 - mypoppet.com.au

29. Liquid Luck Potion Pin

30. Sorting Hat Bath Bomb

31. Owl Post Enamel Pin

32. Hogwarts Express Travel Card Holder(US link here)

33. Harry Potter Quotes Pencil Set

34. Harry Potter Button Badges(US link here)

35. Harry Potter LEGO Mini figures blind bag(US link here)

36. Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans(US link here)

37. Harry Potter Chocolate Wands(US link here)

38. Wizarding School House Prefect Pins

39. Time Turner and Sticker Book

Whichever gift you choose I’m sure your recipient will love it! Don’t leave your shopping to the last minute though, as owl post gets awfully busy at this time of year.


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