Healthy Fruit and Yoghurt Popsicles

Healthy fruit and yoghurt popcicles

I’m always looking for fun and healthy snacks that Emma will enjoy. Lately as the weather warms up she has been asking for ice-creams and frozen treats incessantly, so rather than being a ‘mean mummy’ and saying “No” all the time, we’ve made a tasty and healthy alternative that we both like. These delicious and healthy Fruit and Yoghurt Popsicles are super easy to make and can be adapted to include any fruit your kids like.

I like to involve Emma when I buy food and in the kitchen as much as possible, it’s a great way to spend more time together as well as encouraging healthy eating habits. There are lots of learning opportunities when cooking, and she always seems to love eating whatever she helps cook.
Emma made these with a little help and direction (I was taking photos), and older kids can probably manage these without much help at all.

You can get pretty creative with these, and it’s a great way to use leftover fruit and yoghurt that may be close to it’s best before date.

popcicle ice cream mold

You will need some sort of popsicle mould to set them in, I prefer the silicone squeezy push pop type for these (they are less messy when eaten) but the regular type with a stick will do. We tried both and got the best results with the silicone moulds in 4-6 hours, the stick moulds need to be frozen overnight.

fruit in a bowl

Only two ingredients required – Vanilla yoghurt and your favourite soft fruit. Emma chose berries and kiwi fruit. Mango would be delicious when in season.

cutting strawberries

Prepare the fruit. Emma loves cutting so she does this job quite proficiently with her own knife especially designed to be kid safe.

mashed fruit

Mash up the fruit with a fork. If you have a blender (which I don’t) give it a quick wizz for a smoother texture.

fruit and youghurt

Combine the mashed fruit with some of the yoghurt. Remember to keep some plain yoghurt aside to create separate layers if desired.

fill popcicle mould

Fill your moulds with a layer of fruit yoghurt on the bottom and plain yoghurt on the top. Freeze till set, overnight is recommended.

fruit and yoghurt push pop popcicle

All done! The hardest part is waiting till they freeze.

Yoghurt popcicles
yoghurt kiwi and blueberry popcicles

Tip: A little hot water over the mould will help loosen the popsicle but go easy or it may get a bit smooshy. The moulds with sticks will need to be frozen overnight, but the silicone moulds should be good to go in 4-6 hours.

strawberry popcicle
Time to enjoy a delicious and healthy fruit filled treat.


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